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If God is With Us

  • 2018 20 Apr
If God is With Us


If God is With Us

“The Lord was with Joseph, so that he prospered.” – >Genesis 39:2

I’m sure we’ve all heard this verse quoted many times: “If God is for us, who can be against us?” But could we be taking this verse for granted without understanding what causes our God to fight on our behalf? The Lord was with Joseph. Why? Because Joseph was willing to make the right, tough choices, in order to honor God. How are you doing on making the tough, right choices financially? God promises to honor those who honor Him. His word gives us clear instructions on what it means to honor God through every financial decision.  Whether it’s borrowing less and paying every penny you owe, saving for the future just like the ant, or being generous to God’s people, we can start making the right financial calls today. Once we do that we’ll experience God’s power moving on our behalf!

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