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QUIZ: Am I Living Beyond My Means?

  • 2019 4 Jan
QUIZ: Am I Living Beyond My Means?


1. Are you constantly discontent and find yourself wishing for more?

If you’re quietly saying YES, then your discontentment may be driving you to impulse financial decision-making.

2. Would you be in trouble if you lost your income for a while? (3-6 months)

If the answer is YES, you may be overspending on today’s wants while sacrificing tomorrow’s needs.

3. Does saving 10% of your gross pay every month seem very unrealistic?

One of the most common excuse for not saving is “I have too much debt.”  What people don’t realize is that, unless saving is prioritized (starting with small amounts saved on a regular basis) debt will always be an issue. 

If you answer YES to those few questions, you are most likely living beyond your means. Adjustments need to be made so your Income reconciles with your Expenses!

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