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Spend Less on Cleaning Supplies

  • 2018 28 Sep
Spend Less on Cleaning Supplies


Spend Less on Cleaning Supplies

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend over $168 billion each year just on cleaning supplies. That makes for over $650 per year per household. Save money on laundry detergent by making your own for $0.20 / gallon!

Use 3 basic ingredients to make either liquid or powder detergent:

  • Box of washing soda (you can find it in the section with all of the laundry detergents)
  • Box of Borax (find it in the cleaning supplies aisle of most grocery stores)
  • Bar of soap (dove, fels-naptha, etc.)

And voila! You just made 6-8 months worth of detergent! 

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