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Tired of Rising Bank Fees?

  • 2018 8 Mar
Tired of Rising Bank Fees?


Tired of Rising Bank Fees?

According to Fox Business bank fees have risen for the 15th year on a row.

If you are a victim of rising bank fees and are looking to save extra dollars each month here are some alternatives for you:

Credit Unions

  • Top Credit Unions offer same technological advances as your typical monster bank
  • You’ll be able to loan money at a lower rate while receiving a higher interest on your savings. CDs, etc.
  • You’ll have same level FDIS insurance
  • Go to to search for quality Credit Unions in your area

Regional Banks

  • Many regional banks have caught up in their service offerings to the level of monster banks
  • You’ll find that most will give you higher customer satisfaction
  • Most will have fewer or lower fees
  • Go to J.D. Power to look at best and worse ranked regional banks in your area

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