Marriage Advice From A Christian Perspective

The Key to A Lifelong Marriage

  • Jim and Elizabeth George
  • 2004 29 Jun
The Key to A Lifelong Marriage

Thirty-nine years and one week ago we learned the greatest lesson in our marriage. As you can tell, it has stood the test of time! It is is critical...and it's more important than sex! It is...communication!

Here's our story....

Every bride and groom returns home from their honeymoon with stars in their eyes and dreams in their hearts...about the romantic road that stretches endlessly ahead of them. We know we did! Our honeymoon was brief -- only two days long,because we each had to be at work on the Monday after our wedding.

Never mind, we thought. We have the rest of our lives to be together! Truly, it seemed like we were standing on the threshold of a lifetime of joy, love, excitement, and passion.

But on that day when we returned to work, real life set in. Elizabeth was able to walk to work, but Jim had a 9-to-9 job that required a one-hour commute on each end. Here's how our first week of wedded bliss went:

Day One: Both couples work all day and Jim staggers in at 10 at night...and falls into bed.
Day Two: Ditto
Day Three: Ditto
Day Four: Ditto
Day Five-Friday(!): Ditto
Day Six-Saturday...Oops, it was Jim's first Army Reserve weekend as a married man! Jim leaves at 0-dark-30 (that's Army talk!) and returns fall into bed.
Day Seven-Sunday: Ditto of Day Six

What happened, we each wondered?! Why, the week before the wedding we couldn't talk enough! And one week later we couldn't talk at all...and we were married!

It was then we both realized we had some adjustments to make...and that required that we learn Lesson One in marriage.Communication is key to your marriage!

Here's what we now know about communicating with your beloved:

Communication takes time,so we set a daily appointment to talk.
Communication takes effort, so we planned to listen and planned to talk.

What a pay-off! When you and your spouse start down the road of better communication, blessings abound!

• Your friendship is strengthened.

• Your marital relationship takes on greater meaning.

• Misunderstandings are diminished.

• Peace and harmony are reinforced.

• Teamwork is enhanced.

• Learning is reciprocal.

• Intimacy is promoted.

• God is honored as you grow closer together.

Are you and your honey talking less and enjoying one another less? Is the luster and the glow of wedded bliss dimming? Then take these three steps right away:

Step 1 - Stop ignoring the problem and talk about your concerns.

Step 2 - Look at your calendars and set a time to talk

Step 3 - Listen carefully to what your sweetheart, the most important human on the face of the earth, shares.

The wise in heart are called discerning,
and pleasant words promote instruction.
The wise man's heart guides his mouth,
and his lips promote instruction.
Proverbs 16:21, 23, NIV

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Jim George  and his wife, Elizabeth George, are Christian authors and speakers. Jim, author of A Man After God's Own Heart and God's Man of Influence, has M.Div. and Th.M. degrees from Talbot Theological Seminary and has served in various pastoral roles for 25 years, and served on The Master's Seminary faculty and staff for 10 years. Jim and Elizabeth have two married daughters and several grandchildren.