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10 Powerful Prayers for My Son

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“Sons are indeed a heritage from the Lord, offspring, a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the sons born in one’s youth. Happy is the man who has filled his quiver with them” (Psalm 127:3-5).

Sons are indeed a blessing to this world, evidenced especially by the Son of Man, the Son of God, Jesus. Much like their forefathers, boys are raised to protect and provide for the family. We teach them the benefits of wisdom, respect, and education. We hope that one day, all they have learned can be put toward a successful career and a great marriage. Then when the time is right, our sons may have sons of their own. As a new generation is born, the process starts all over again.

While we want our sons to do well with every lesson taught, and every experience gained, such a life would not be as rich if spent apart from God. That’s why above all, we want them to have a relationship with the Lord. While such a relationship can be taught, this relationship cannot be forced, so in addition to our words, we pray. If you’re looking for words to speak over your child today, here are 10 powerful prayers for our sons.

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1. Prayer for Son’s Faith


I deeply desire for my child to have a relationship with you. I pray that as soon as he is able, that he starts to build his understanding of you. Place in him a passion for pursuing your heart. Help him to grow his faith through reading Scripture, asking questions, and being in fellowship with others. Whatever positive impact I can have on his beliefs, please let that occur.

Now, I know life won’t be perfect. And while I want to teach and nurture my son, I can’t show him everything he should know about faith. Sometimes life provides those learning experiences. I pray that whatever good or bad seasons he encounters, that each would serve to grow his relationship with you. Let every person who supports him and all those who hate him, in the end still point him back to you. May his faith grow for as long as he is alive, and may his faith spring others to grow as well.


2. Prayer for Son’s Education

Heavenly Father,

I come before you now, praying for the wellbeing of my son. As he spends most of the day in school, I ask that you would sharpen his mind. Help him grow intellectually through learning, and help him mature through social experiences. I ask that you would bless him with teachers that care about his future, teachers who would instill in him godly values.

Please don’t let his education be tainted by those who are immoral, uncaring, or uninterested in living life as you desire. I pray that you would surround him with peers who are also invested in him, peers that he can befriend, either for a semester or for a lifetime. Mold my son into someone who makes you proud, and someone I can be proud of too.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,


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3. Prayer for Son’s Healing


My son, like myself and all people, will have seasons when we need healing. Like the rest of us, he is likely to face physical illness, emotional stress, a broken heart, disappointment, and many other problems. Lord, I ask that you help me son to find comfort in you. And as he finds comfort, I ask that you would heal him from any and all afflictions according to your will. Though we may suffer, we can always find peace in you. We always find healing in you, in this life or the next. I pray that my son will remember that.

In Jesus’ name,


4. Prayer for Son’s Health


This prayer is for my son’s health. There is no guarantee that we will live out our entire lives with two eyes, two ears, and a nose. There is no guarantee that one day an incurable disease won’t one day find its way into our bodies, or that one day an accident won’t render us immobile. Lord, there is no promise that our minds will always function. So I pray to you now, asking you to keep my son in good health.

I pray that he engages in healthy habits that keep his mind, body, and spirit strong. Old or young, I pray that he would lean on these good habits. And whenever he does get sick, I pray that he can rest assured that if healing is in your will, then your will be done. Thank you for my son's current health. Where he can be healthier, please help him to be, and where he has avoided sickness, please help him to continue doing so. Thank you, Lord.


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5. Prayer for Son’s Chastity


I come before you now with a prayer for my son. Being a godly man is difficult today, and one reason is the prevalence of sexual temptation. On TV, online, and even in church, God we can find sex if we look long enough.

Sometimes I worry about my son, but I want to surrender these worries to you. Look after him. Keep him away from those who would lead him astray. Protect him from temptation that is seen and the forms of temptation that are more dubious. I pray that you supply my son with the strength to hold onto his virginity until marriage. And may he reap the benefits of striving to keep such a choice.


6. Prayer for Son’s Marriage

Heavenly Father,

I pray that you would bless my son with a good wife who will offer him a good marriage. I ask that you would guide him to such a woman, that you would guide her to him. In the meantime, prepare them for one another so that when they unite, they unite in a godly everlasting manner. I pray for a woman who will encourage my son to lead, but offer him direction when he needs it the most. I pray for a marriage that pushes both of them to bring out the best in one another, all the while bringing them closer to you.


7. Prayer for Son’s Courage


Standing up for what you believe is no easy feat. Jesus suffered consequences for speaking the truth, and sometimes we as believers likewise have to suffer. When we can face our fears regardless of suffering, we show courage. God, I pray that my son will become such a person. I pray that no matter what befalls the country, or those in his life, or him, that he would always stand with truth. I pray that he always stands with you.

God, shape my son to be a courageous man. May every fear he holds be something that he stands up to, knowing that you are always by his side.


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8. Prayer for Son’s Safety

Father in Heaven,

The world is a dangerous place. As my son ventures out into the world, sometimes I worry about all the things that could go wrong. Sometimes I want to cling to him tightly, thinking he’ll be safe with me. But my protection is nothing to what you offer.

So I ask that you protect him from danger, from any threats that come from within, and from the threats that come from the outside. I pray that he will make smart decisions as he goes into the world, whether in school, work, or anywhere else. Keep him under your watchful eye.


9. Prayer for Son’s Financial Wisdom


I pray that whatever finances you choose to bless my son with, that he would use his money wisely. Bless him with an understanding of properly managing finances. Help him to be resourceful with his blessings and to give onto others, whether at church, a charity, or elsewhere. I pray that he would not see money as a possession to collect and withhold for himself, but rather a gift from you. And a gift to give, much like you have given.


10. Prayer for Son’s Character

Father in Heaven,

While I strive to be a great parent for my son, I recognize that good intentions won’t always result in good character for my child. So while I want to do my part, I also wish to pray for him. I pray for my son to become a godly man, someone whose faith is apparent in word and deed. I pray that you would shape my son into a leader, someone with the ability to encourage and edify, discipline and disciple. May he develop such a character that brings you glory all his days.


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