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9 Heartfelt Prayers from Psalm 119 for Your Children

9 Heartfelt Prayers from Psalm 119 for Your Children
With my cup of coffee in hand I settled into my chair to read the assigned passages of my “Read the Bible in a Year” plan. One of them was Psalm 119, the longest of the psalms. “Ughhh,” I thought, more focused that morning on getting through the reading than meditating on God’s word. Something I now find ironic considering the chapter is all about delighting in the gift of God’s Word. As it turns out though my distant and disconnected heart was no match for the truth and power of the Bible. As his word began to penetrate my heart, it also softened it. What’s more is prior to that day I had felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to be more mindful about praying in specific ways for my children. And there in Psalm 119 God gave me the language – his word - to pray for my children. By the time I finished reading I had forgotten about being in a hurry to get on with my day. Instead I spent time reading back over each of the verses I had underlined and writing out the prayers that follow. Perhaps they would serve as prompts for you too as you pray for your own kids. And as inspiration to got to God’s word to fellowship with him.Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/ipopba
A Prayer for my Children to Be Upheld by Your Word

A Prayer for my Children to Be Upheld by Your Word

How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word. With my whole heart I seek you; let me not wander from your commandments! I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” Psalm 119:9-11

Lord, my greatest desire for my children is they would seek after you with all their heart, mind and strength. Would you give them a desire to spend time in your word, and to live in obedience as the overflow of their love for you? I know if left alone we will only do what is right in our own eyes. The self says to do what makes us happy without regard to others, or to your law. But, Lord, would you hide your word in their hearts? May that the still small voice of the Spirit be the louder voice in their heads that leads them to make good decisions.

A Prayer for my Family to Focus on Heavenly Treasures  

I am a sojourner on the earth; hide not your commandments from me!Psalm 119:19

Lord God, I know this is not our home, but it is so hard to grasp that reality when all we see is here and now. It is easy then to live as if this is it, seeking after the treasures of this world. For my kids (and me), Lord, those treasures often come in the package of appearance and performance. They want to be noticed and accepted. More than that, they want to be exalted and glorified. We all do. We want be kings and queens of our mini-kingdoms. Would you help my children see that life is not found in the praise of man, or in this selfie world? Would you remind them of your truths about a hope and future - an inheritance - stored up in heaven waiting for them? Cause them to cast their eyes upon that reality so they would hold loosely to what is temporary and invest in what matters to you, Lord.

A Prayer for my Children to Listen and Believe Your Voice of Truth

Your testimonies are my delight; they are my counselors.” Psalm 119:24

You, Lord, are our Counselor, Comforter and Keeper. Right at our fingertips, we have access to you through your word. This is amazing and yet so often we turn to everything but you for wisdom and counsel. So, would you help my children think of you first, and go to you with all things? Would you bend their ears to your truth and renew their minds by it? Would you fill them with wisdom and truth, guide their decisions, and guard their minds from the enemy. Satan would love nothing more than for them to forget the gospel and fall prey to lies about who they are. But, O Lord, I pray your voice would always be louder and they would never forget that you call them Beloved.

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A Prayer for My Children to Die to Self and Live for the Good of Others

A Prayer for My Children to Die to Self and Live for the Good of Others

Incline my heart to your testimonies, and not to selfish gain! Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.” Psalm 119:36-37

Lord, help my kids be aware of their selfish motives and desires, and repent from them. Help them to love their neighbors – their friends, classmates, teammates, fellow church members and every other person they encounter – above themselves. Show them what it means to love sacrificially and to give up of themselves. Cause them to see the emptiness of living for self. Along with this would you bring them good friends and community to them? People who are like-minded to walk alongside and live redemptively with.

A Prayer for my Children to Rest in Your Steadfast Love

Let your steadfast love comfort me according to your promise to your servant.” Psalm 119:76

Dear God, throughout Scripture we are reminded of your steadfast love. You promised the Israelites to be their God and for them to be your people, to give them a place, and to send a Redeemer, and you have not forgotten your promises. You sent your Son and because you did, we have your guarantee in the person of Christ that you are with us. He came and entered into our world - into the suffering and brokenness - and therefore can identify with us in ours. But he also did something about it. Would you help my children remember your promises and rest in your love even when their circumstances say otherwise? Help them believe you are with them in it all and you are making all things new.

A Prayer for Your Word to Direct my Children’s Steps

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

O Lord, that your Word would be light to my children’s path. Only you can keep us from stumbling. Would you do this for my children? Would you uphold them by your truth? May you direct their steps according to your Word and keep them from following trails that lead to darkness.

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A Prayer for My Children’s Protection

A Prayer for My Children’s Protection

You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in your word.” Psalm 119:114

Lord, hide my kids in you. Be their shield against temptation and sin and protect them from physical and emotional harm. In this would you also help me to trust you with them, especially when there is nothing I can do to protect or control? But where we have set up boundaries for their protection my hope is for them to see it because of our love for them. Would you keep them from rebelling against us and ultimately you? May they instead stay tethered to you, trusting in your promise to be with them, to guide and protect them.

A Prayer to Keep My Children from Darkness

Keep steady my steps according to your promise, and let no iniquity get dominion over me.” Psalm 119:133

Lord, my prayer has always been that my kids would be caught in their sin. I ask that you continue to bring darkness to light by making me aware of what I need to know. And when this is the case, help them see your discipline as loving care for them. At the same time, Lord, I ask that you would not let them stray from your promises. Hold them tight, cause them to delight in living in a way that glorifies you.

A Prayer for Your Perfect Peace

Great peace have those who love your law; nothing can make them stumble.” Psalm 119:165

To be at peace, what a gift. So often though we think life would be better, we would be happier, or experience more joy doing what we want instead of what your law commands. But outside of you there is perpetual unrest. Help my children to see this is true. Only in you and living in accordance to your law do we experience peace. Would you grant them your perfect peace, even in hard times?

Kristen Hatton is the author of The Gospel-Centered Life in Exodus for StudentsFace Time: Your Identity in a Selfie World and Get Your Story Straight. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling at Liberty University, and has recently begun a Redemptive Parenting online ministry. Kristen resides in Edmond, Oklahoma with her pastor husband. Together they have three children- a college daughter and two high school sons.

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