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4 Steps for a Godly Morning Routine Before School

4 Steps for a Godly Morning Routine Before School

For most families, mornings are the busiest. Attempting to wrangle kids and get them out the door just might be one of the hardest jobs in the world. And we do it every day!

Among the hustle and bustle of the morning, we might occasionally forget to start the day well. Prayer time is replaced by spilled cereal and lost shoes. Worship music to the screams for “mom” from the other side of the house. Sweet conversation for a recount of the day's activities. And often times, by the time we’ve narrowly made it to school or work, we’re already exhausted. Where did the morning go?!

As parents, we can’t overlook the importance of a godly morning routine. There are several reasons why:

  • It starts your day and your kid’s day off right--propelling you to be a conqueror when a co-worker throws you under the bus, a kid bullies your child, or a setback comes calling. You’ll find that when you have set your heart and mind on Him first, it will change how you and your family tackle the day. This time with Jesus is an investment into the day that will impact reap value more than anything else you do.
  • This is your chance to set an example for your kid(s). One day they’ll be on their own and that time will be lost--make the most of the time you have with them now. May they be kids that one day give thanks for the example modeled for them early on in pursuing a relationship with God. As a parent, you can lead them into habits that pour into their adulthood. That’s an incredible opportunity!
  • It allows for key family bonding time. A space to connect personally before everyone gets pulled in various directions. These are sweet moments to cherish; that you’ll remember for years to come.

So, how do you implement a godly routine in the morning? There are 4 keys steps you can start doing tomorrow morning to foster connectivity, love, and above all, abiding in Him.

1. Prepare You, First

Family devotion time is wonderful, but you will want to carve out time for your own personal devotional time with the Lord. This likely means getting up a bit earlier, perhaps before the kids are awake, but it will be well worth it. Set the alarm clock thirty minutes earlier, grab your cup of coffee, and settle into your favorite spot in the house with your Bible.

Preparing your heart and connecting to the Vine will help nurture the fruits of the Spirit within you and walk into the day in His strength, not yours. You might find your mornings feel a little less chaotic when you’ve approached the day walking in the Spirit instead of the flesh. You invest in your spiritual development; set an example your kids will want to follow.

2. Have Worship Music On

I absolutely love having worship music on in the background, whether in the house or car. It invites this sweet, worship-minded presence into the home. With this sound filling the house, a calmness permeates the rooms and hearts of your family. And from personal experience, my commute in chaotic traffic is less stressful with worship on. I can have a little more patience when I’m cut off and who wouldn’t like a little help in that area every now and again!

3. Bible Reading

There are many ways to incorporate Bible reading time in the morning but the easiest is often found at the kitchen table over breakfast. There are a lot of children’s Bibles out there to choose from so find your favorite and walk through the Bible as a family. Read a paragraph or chapter, whatever works best for you. And then discuss it as a family. There are few things as edifying as talking about God’s Word!

In addition, this is a great opportunity to foster Scripture memorization. Pick one verse a week or month that you can work on memorizing. God’s Word does not return void and it’s definitely worth it to invest in memorization with your child(ren). Verses I learned years ago will bubble to the surface in just the right moment, proving to beneficial in my spiritual walk for years to come.

4. Family Prayer

Cap off your time together at the breakfast table with family prayer. Everyone can go around and share their prayer requests, then pray for each other and the day.

I recently heard someone say that their family writes all the prayer requests down on a piece of paper and they hang it on the refrigerator. As prayers are answered they get marked off the list and a list doesn't come down until every prayer is marked as answered. This serves a reminder to keep praying for unanswered requests and to rejoice in the prayers that have been answered!

Pray for each other. Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep (Romans 12:15). A family that prays together is a family that is bonded together.

Your years at home with your child(ren) are short--make the most of them by setting a godly example and pouring intentionally into their lives. Each morning invested in the Kingdom is time well spent and a sowing that will reap rewards one day for you and your family.

Brittany Rust author photoBrittany Rust has a passion is to give encouragement to the world-weary believer through her writing, speaking, and podcasting. She is the author of Untouchable: Unraveling the Myth That You're Too Faithful to Fall, founder of For the Mama Heart, and hosts the Epic Fails podcast.  Brittany, her husband Ryan, and their son Roman make their home in the Rocky Mountains, pursuing outdoor adventures, great food, and memorable stories together. Learn more at

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