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Where Should Believers Find Their Self-Worth?

Where Should Believers Find Their Self-Worth?
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Self-worth is a popular subject today along with self-care and self-positivity. The world and the Bible are in conflict over where we should find our self-worth. The world screams that our self-worth is found in our appearance, achievements, or status.

If we feel like a failure in any of these areas, we start to question our self-worth and develop low self-esteem. Even though the world tries to trick us into finding our own self-worth in our appearance, achievements, status, or other things, God tells us something radically different.

Self-Worth by the World’s Standards

According to the world, our self-worth is based on worldly things, such as our appearance, achievements, or status. The world promotes that if we look a certain way, our self-worth is found in being thin, athletic, or pretty.

Similarly, the world tells us our self-worth should be found in our achievements, such as how many degrees we have, our GPA, or our jobs. Status is a third marker of what the world tries to sell to us as our self-worth.

Marriage status, economic status, or social status are all different ways the world tries to tell us our worth is rooted in. Due to the state of the current fallen world, finding your worth in the things of the world is at an all-time high.

With social media, it is not hard for us to rate our self-worth as being less than equal to someone else’s if we see them having the “perfect” body, the “best job,” or the most “picturesque” wedding and family photographs on their account.

After being exposed to social media every day, it can make us feel as if our self-worth is lower because we do not possess these appearances, achievements, or statuses. It can make a person feel unmoored when they do not “fit” the world’s standards of self-worth.

The good news is that our self-worth is not found in the things of the world. Our self-worth is found in Jesus and what He says about us. 

Worth in Christ

Every single believer has worth in Christ. Our self-worth does not have to be sought after or “found” in the sinful worldly system. Rather, our self-worth is found in our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord loves us so much that He died for us even though we are all sinners (Romans 5:8).

Our worth is extremely high because God loves us as His dearly beloved child. Even before we were born and were still in our mother’s womb, God dearly loved us (Psalm 139:13-16). Our self-worth is found in His love for us.

Every person was hand-created by God and is dearly loved by Him. God does not want us to find our self-worth in the things of the world. He wants us to find our self-worth in Him. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all one God, yet three distinct Persons.

As Christians, we need to find our worth in God. Trying to find our self-worth in our appearance, achievements, or status can leave us weak, tired, and depressed. The world wants us to always be striving for our self-worth, yet God tells us we can rest because our self-worth is already found in Him.

Seeking out our worth in our appearance can cause us to harm our bodies by intense exercise and diet restrictions, which could possibly lead to the development of an eating disorder. Finding our self-worth in our achievements could cause us to never feel satisfied in our grades or academic success.

If we fail or if we do not perform as well as we would have liked, it can make us feel bad about ourselves and instantly leave our self-worth taking a hit.

In the same way, if we try to seek out our worth in our status, it can lead us to work long hours to purchase the “it" car or the "it" house, which can lead us to be overworked, drained, and irritable.

Finding your worth in the world will be a constant battle of ups and downs. The truth is that if you seek out your self-worth in the world, you will never have a steady sense of worth. Your worth will rise, and fall based on your own efforts or performance.

This can be a miserable business to do day-in and day-out. Thankfully, as believers, we do not have to base our worth on the things of the world because our worth is found in Christ alone. There is nothing we have to work at or achieve in order to be called a child of God.

All we have to do is place faith in Christ and we are the beloved children of God. Every person has inherent worth because each person is God’s creation and masterpiece. He does not make mistakes. It is not until we start thinking as the world does that we start losing our focus on God and what He tells us.

It does not matter what the world screams at us concerning where our self-worth is found. It doesn't even matter what we think, or our friends think, or what our families think. What truly matters is what God says and knows. He tells us our worth is found in Him alone.

There is no “perfect” appearance, achievement, or status that you have to possess in order to have self-worth in God’s eyes. You are worthy because God created, loves you, and died for you.

To know that the Creator of our souls loves us and died for us should cause us to feel great joy and love deep in our hearts. Even when we do not “feel” good about our self-worth, we have to use our minds and remind ourselves that our worth is based on God and nothing else.

It can be hard to put this knowledge into action especially when you see the worldly system consistently; however, this is why Paul tells us we have to renew our minds and take every thought captive to Christ (2 Corinthians 2:5).

Our minds need to know that our worth is found in Christ alone. All of the media and market messages try to tell us otherwise, but we have to be intentional about knowing our self-worth is found in Christ.

Living in the Knowledge of Your Self-Worth

Living in the knowledge of your self-worth in Christ is freeing. It gives an individual true freedom to live the life God has made for them. Once you are free from the myriad of lies from the world surrounding your self-worth, you will be able to be confident in who God created you to be.

Your self-worth does not come from your appearance, how many letters you have behind your name, or your social status. Your self-worth is found in God alone and in His abundant, abounding, and unconditional love.

Living in this knowledge will be able to help you grow and thrive in the image of Christ. Worthiness is not based on the things of the world, but rather on Christ and His love. If you’re in doubt over your self-worth or if you are trying to find your self-worth, look no further than Christ.

He is where our self-worth is found and this fact will never change, fade, or diminish. Throughout our lives and for all eternity, our self-worth will always be found in the Creator of our hearts and souls.

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