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Actor Scott Baio Says Faith in God Helps Him as Wife Battles Brain Tumors

Actor Scott Baio Says Faith in God Helps Him as Wife Battles Brain Tumors

Actor Scott Baio says that it is his faith in God that helps him cope with the news of his wife’s brain tumors.

Fox News Entertainment reports that the 55-year-old actor announced that his wife, Renee, was diagnosed with meningioma brain tumors in June. 

Although the tumors are benign, doctors still have to monitor them. The diagnosis came after Renee was suffering from intense migraines.

Baio told Fox News in an interview that Renee has battled cancer already, but being a cancer survivor did not make the current diagnosis any easier.

Nevertheless, Baio said his and Renee’s faith is sustaining their family.

“I will tell you my faith in God is greater than the fear of the unknown,” Renee affirmed.

Baio acknowledged that the hardest part of Renee’s recent diagnosis was how to break the news to their seven-year-old daughter, Bailey. 

“It was all about our kid," Scott said. "I would've been devastated for our daughter, because she's everything to us, so that would've crushed her."

The Baios went on to relate a touching story of how their daughter found out about Renee’s diagnosis.

“Before we told our daughter, he [Scott] had put his head on my shoulder in the kitchen and he wept, and our daughter witnessed this, and she said, 'Mommy, why are you making Daddy cry? You need to apologize. You apologize for making Daddy cry,'" Renee said. "So I bit the inside of my mouth and I said, 'I'm sorry, Daddy, for making you cry.' You just got to be strong."

Baio says that his wife is a very tough individual and that “She’s life tough,” while he is “tough in a different way.”

Publication date: September 30, 2015