Candace Cameron Bure's Photo of Bathing Suits Sparks Modesty Debate

Candace Cameron Bure's Photo of Bathing Suits Sparks Modesty Debate

Christian Actress and co-host of “The View” Candace Cameron Bure recently stirred up controversy and a modesty debate when she posted a photo of three bathing suits to Instagram.

Christian Today reports that Cameron Bure posted the photo of the three bathing suits--one a bikini, the two others one-piece swimsuits--to Instagram and said, "I got to do a little of this today! Gorgeous #SouthernCaliforniaafternoon! #socalliving #malibu#funinthesun Some bathingsuits are meant for public beaches and others for my own backyard. #KeepingItReal"

Fans soon commented on the photo, some criticizing Cameron Bure for her choice of swimwear, while others supported it.

"You have men on this feed wanting to see you in these suits. While flattering, they are looking at you or fantasizing [about] you in a sexual way," said one woman. "My prayer is that you see this as wisdom and NOT criticism."

Another fan assumed Cameron Bure wore the bikini in the photo to the beach and said “you might as well wear your bra and underwear in public.”

Others, however, came to Cameron Bure’s defense.

"What if she wears that ONLY when she's with her husband?" said another fan. "She's a female and wants to share her new finds with her fans. So, again...get a life of your own and quit trying to be a mom to an adult woman.”

Yet another commenter pointed out that Cameron Bure did not say she wore the bikini while at the beach, adding that the bathing suits in the photo “are stylish and cute!”

Cameron Bure recently spoke to the constant criticism she says she faces, telling the criticizers that "This is getting ridiculous!! STOP (stop emoji) having religious debates about me and my family on my comments thread after EVERY single photo I post when they have nothing to do with the picture!"

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Publication date: April 11, 2016