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News Anchor Accidentally Ends Broadcast by Saying 'In Jesus' Name'

News Anchor Accidentally Ends Broadcast by Saying 'In Jesus' Name'
A news anchor accidentally added some humor to his broadcast when he ended his news segment with the words “In Jesus’ name.”
Charisma News reports that Chris Quimby, a Maine news anchor who is also a Christian comedian, speaker, and writer, was wrapping up a news segment when he began to say “In Jesus na--.” He then tried to correct the mistake by adding “Amen.” He and his co-host then erupted in laughter.
The mistake ended up being featured on a blooper reel which then went viral. 
According to the VStv website, “Chris is the anchor of the VStv Morning Report and co-host of Soup du Jour," according to the VStv website. "He also is a Christian comedian, speaker and writer. In addition to being the regular monthly humor columnist for Bangor Metro Magazine and a staff blogger on, he is also owner of Chris Quimby iPhone Repair and Nachotree Print & Digital Design. He will soon be self-publishing his first book, which chronicles the events of his Spokes & Jokes adventure. Chris lives in Brooks with his wife and two children."
To watch the news clip, click below.

News Anchor Blooper: In Jesus's Name, Amen from christopherquimby on GodTube.


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Publication date: January 26, 2016