Texas Rangers Players Praise God for Their World Series Win

Texas Rangers Players Praise God for Their World Series Win

Many Texas Rangers players and officials with the team are praising God after the team earned their first World Series championship this week, beating the Arizona Diamondbacks 5-0 in Game 5.

"Anyone that interviews me or gives me an opportunity to speak, God's going to receive the glory," said Tony Beasley, the longest-tenured Rangers coach, recently.

Evan Carter, the 21-year-old Texas Rangers baseball player, previously told reporters that he is living “a dream come true” as he plays in the World Series.

Just two months ago, Carter was called up from Double-A baseball to play in the World Series with the Rangers. Just before his Major League debut, Carter told reporters he was grateful to God for the opportunity. He was also wearing a “Jesus Won” T-shirt.

His youth minister, Jason Holly, who coached Carter in youth sports, told Baptist Press that Carter was a “phenomenal athlete,” but “with his faith, he’s always stayed steady.”

Holly said that he shows that “you can be great without being loud, and you can be great without causing problems, and you can be great without being flamboyant.”

Rookie Josh Jung is another player on the Texas Rangers roster who has been open about his faith. Jung's bio on X reads, "Baseball is what I do, not who I am," and "Competitor for Christ."

"I gave my life to Christ my freshman year of high school, and then my freshman year of college was the first time I took that step of a personal journey with Him," Jung told HisHuddle.com in December 2020. "My three years in college were awesome in many ways, but the thing that really hit home with me is the memories from sharing my story with God to others."

Pitcher Jose Leclerc also sported the “Jesus Won” shirt during the World Series.

The shirts are a partnership outreach from Carter and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

"Our mission is to use the platform that baseball has blessed us with to give back to our community in Carter County, TN. Proceeds from your purchase of a Jesus Won t-shirt will jointly benefit two incredible programs in our community," Carter wrote on Instagram, promoting the T-shirts. 

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