Jackie Hill Perry Denounces the Enneagram, Apologizes for Past Promotion: 'It's Evil'

  • Michael Foust Crosswalk Headlines Contributor
  • Updated Jan 13, 2023
Jackie Hill Perry Denounces the Enneagram, Apologizes for Past Promotion: 'It's Evil'

Christian author and speaker Jackie Hill Perry is denouncing the Enneagram personality test and apologizing for her past promotion of it.

Perry, in a new Instagram story, said she repented to God for her past position.

"I am sorry that I was so ignorant," she told viewers. "And I'm sorry that I used my platform to promote evil. That makes me sad that I was so ignorant to a false wisdom when the Scriptures and Jesus has absolutely been sufficient the entire time."

The Enneagram is a test that claims there are nine personality types and multiple variations within each "type."

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Perry is an artist and poet who has authored such books as Holier Than Thou: How God's Holiness Helps Us Trust Him and Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been. Her new position on the Enneagram was first reported by ChurchLeaders.com.

"I was really skeptical and have been for some years when people were saying that the Enneagram was demonic," she said, adding that the "Lord prompted" her to study it.

Her conclusion: "It's evil."

"It's… doctrines of demons, divination, witchcraft," she said. "And I had no idea."

Perry posted the information about her research in her Instagram story.

One of the men who "was the originator of the contemporary understanding of Enneagram as we know it" said he "got his information about it through angelic visitation from a spirit or divine being named Metatron, which we know is a demon," she said.

Another man behind the Enneagram – the man behind the Enneagram types – said he received his information about it through so-called "automatic writing," which is a "form of channeling spirits where a demon basically guides your hand or a guide your mind to help you write down certain ideas," Perry said.

"So when we say type one, type two, type three, whatever, we're literally applying to identity, the wisdom of demons," she said.

Perry concluded, "I've talked about Enneagram on several occasions, and so part of me feels a responsibility to renounce it publicly and to bring attention to the demonic nature of it."


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