Liberty Students Hold Massive Worship Service as Students Elsewhere Hold Anti-Israel Protests

  • Michael Foust Crosswalk Headlines Contributor
  • Updated Apr 30, 2024
Liberty Students Hold Massive Worship Service as Students Elsewhere Hold Anti-Israel Protests

The same week that students on other U.S. college campuses battled police and chanted anti-Israel slogans, thousands of students on Liberty University’s campus in Lynchburg, Va., gathered on their outdoor lawn to sing and worship and to learn more about the Apostle John’s three letters to the church. The worship service was part of the university’s Campus Community event held every Wednesday night, although last week’s took on additional meaning due to its stark contrast with other American campuses.  

Students holding anti-Israel protests have been arrested at more than 20 colleges and universities in recent days, including at Columbia University, Yale University, the University of Texas and the University of Southern California. At Columbia, protesters set up tents on a campus lawn and have refused multiple orders to leave. On Tuesday, students took over Hamilton Hall as part of their demand that Columbia University “divest” from Israel.

But at Liberty University on Wednesday, students stood side by side to sing songs of praise. Liberty is the largest Christian university in the U.S. Students “filled the Academic Lawn outside the Montview Student Union,” according to a news release

liberty university students praise and worship campus

Image Courtesy: Liberty/Jacob Summersgill 

“How amazing it is that Liberty students come to our lawn, and what we do rather than attacking one another is lift up the name of the only One who is worthy of our praise, and that is Jesus Christ, King of kings, and Lord of lords,” Chancellor Jonathan Falwell told students.

Falwell read from John 3 and urged students to remain steadfast in their faith.

“This is a choice that we have to make,” Falwell said. “But understand it’s not a choice that we have to make once, but one we have to make every single day. Every day when we wake up and put our feet on the ground, we have to decide that on this day, no matter what I face, no matter what I come up against, no matter what situations I may have to navigate, I’m going to honor God, I’m going to serve Christ, I’m going to run after Him.”

On X (formerly Twitter), Falwell noted the contrast between Liberty and other schools. 

“While so many college campuses are erupting in anger, hatred and violence,” he wrote, “it is refreshing to see @LibertyU students worship King Jesus.”

Top Image Courtesy: Liberty

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