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Animated Bible Series


For many, the Holy Scriptures have become a scattered collection of bits and pieces. We often learn of God only through select passages, devotional snippets or individual stories loosely based on the actual narrative. And as society becomes more and more functionally illiterate, these dangers will only increase. Our children (and grandchildren), the next generation of Christ followers, will become the biggest victims of a fractured and scattered Gospel presentation. The amazing, dramatic, holy, complete and divine Biblical narrative, is being lost and it must be restored in our home, in our churches, and on the front lines of missions.

THE ANIMATED BIBLE SERIES will be the world’s first visual presentation of the Biblical narrative and will soon become a foundational teaching tool for young and old alike. The most beloved stories we learned as youth will come into focus when we understand their role in the divine narrative.

The first Episode of THE ANIMATED BIBLE SERIES is complete! Get your free link to watch THE ANIMATED BIBLE SERIES Episode 1!