Farewell Barbara Curtis, 1948-2012

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  • 2012 2 Nov
Farewell Barbara Curtis, 1948-2012

This week we were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of a longtime Crosswalk.com contributor. Barbara Curtis, of Purcellville, Virginia, died unexpectedly of a stroke on Tuesday, October 30, 2012. She was 64.

For nearly eight years Barbara wrote compelling, God-honoring articles for Crosswalk.com. Her faith and her love of family were evident in every piece she sent us. Our archives are filled with her thoughtful wisdom and poignant insight.

Barbara was the author of nine books on spiritual life, as well as the blog Mommy Life, where she wrote about the joys and challenges of raising 12 children, nine born to her, three adopted. Four of Barbara’s children – including all three adopted ones – have Down Syndrome.

Barbara’s husband Tripp posted details of Barbara’s passing, including evidence of God’s benevolent mercy in the process, at MommyLife.net.

Originally from California, Curtis overcame alcoholism in 1980, was a Montessori-trained pioneer in homeschooling, and became an advocate for the pro-life cause and Down Syndrome awareness.

Former Crosswalk.com editor Sarah Phillips knew Barbara well from working with her over a seven year period. Sarah had recently chatted with Barbara, who was excited about her son’s engagement and her daughter’s announcement of her first baby. "Barbara passionately and tirelessly brought her gifts to every sphere of life – her family, writing, friendships, the local community and even politics," Sarah told us today. "Her focus was her family life, but you don’t need to look far in the blogosphere to discover the countless women, mothers and writers who considered her a friend and a mentor. She’ll be dearly missed."

"Barbara's writing embodied the spirit of our mission on Crosswalk.com," said Editor-in-chief Stephen McGarvey. "Our Christian faith gives us answers to every issue and problem we face on this side of eternity. Barbara’s words explored this idea, but Barbara’s life exemplified it."

Barbara Curtis’s most-read submissions to Crosswalk include: Tim Tebow and the Mom Phenom, Does Weight Matter?, What is ‘New Age’ Religion and Why Can’t Christians Get on Board?, Every Mother’s a Working Mother, Are Children Worth the Cost?, and Children with Down Syndrome Bring Joy. A complete archive of her Crosswalk articles can be found here.

Those of us at Crosswalk.com feel greatly privileged to have labored with such a confident, faithful person in Barbara Curtis. We and thousands of our audience members were blessed by her work. She will be sorely missed.

You can read more about the life and influence of Barbara Curtis at WORLD Magazine.

Posted: November 2, 2012

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