Why You Should Seriously Consider Mentoring Young Christian Women

  • Lori Chally Crosswalk.com Contributor
  • 2015 21 Oct
Why You Should Seriously Consider Mentoring Young Christian Women

It’s easy to dismiss these words from Titus 2, because most of us are about twenty-three in our heads, aren’t we? “Older women, likewise…are to encourage the younger women…” But as a thirty-five-year old, I suppose it’s time to admit that I am older than someone. And as a woman in the thick of parenting pre-schoolers and tweens, juggling priorities, and finding good crock-pot meals, if you’ve been down this road before me, I need your wisdom, too.

What is it that holds you back from coming alongside other women? Maybe the weight of your current situation is pressing down on you, blinding you to the victories Christ has already won for you. But if you are a child of God, His grace is always at work in you, isn’t it? He hasn’t abandoned you to your trials, or to your sin, or to the lies we are all too prone to believe.

Think back over your walk with Him. The fears you battled long ago might be the same fears plauging one of your sisters today. What truth can you share that might be an instrument God uses to set her free? How have you fought discouragement or discontent? What did you have to learn through experience that might save another from heartache?

Yes, we’ve all read the admonition in Titus for older women to teach those younger about reverence and moderation and the hard work of a grace-soaked, love-filled home.

But sometimes the qualifiers in our minds tell us we have nothing to give. (And that’s if we’ve gotten past being called “old”.) We think of the times we’ve failed to love our husbands, or the way our home-organization efforts have gotten so off-track, and imagine that somehow disqualifies us. Maybe the child you’ve prayed so hard for has rejected his faith. Maybe you don’t ever feel “dignified.” Maybe you’re terrible at ironing.

But if you are a child of God, then one thing you know: the very power that raised Christ from the dead is at work in you! You have His Word and His Spirit in you, and despite what the enemy would have you believe, you do have something to give.

And sisters, there are younger women around you who need to hear it. They need to hear about your struggle, and how God brought you through it. They need to know that someone else has been where they are now. They need someone to be willing to speak God’s life-giving Word to their hearts. (Or at least text it to their cell phones.) They need hope.

Or maybe they just need a listening ear. But this is where it gets tricky. It can be hard to listen without trying to fix everything, judge everything, or promise that everything will be absolutely fine. Don’t do it! Remember YOUR lifeline: The Word of Christ dwelling in you. Resist the urge to offer anything less.

So, here it is: If you’ve been given grace (and you HAVE!) then you have grace to give. Don’t believe the lie that you are unqualified because of either your past failures or your lack of experience. You have the very Word of God right there in your hand and His resurrection power transforming your life. You need nothing else.

Dive into His Word, pray your heart out. Because if you look around you will absolutely find someone who needs a friend, a new perspective, and a shot of hope! We’re everywhere.

Lori Chally is an aspiring fiction author and mother of four creative children who never fail to provide inspiration. In her spare time (yeah, right!) she enjoys modern quilting, trying out new recipes, and scoring vintage finds! Lori can be contacted at lorichally@gmail.com.

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