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Episode #3: On Platforms, Branding, and Friendship

  • Inside the Editors' Room Podcast
  • 2017 27 Apr
Episode #3: On Platforms, Branding, and Friendship

This week, the editors sit down to discuss Jen Hatmaker's heartfelt Good Friday post about the "Christian Machine" and have a larger conversation about what it means to have a platform, build a brand, and pursue your callings in today's Christian culture as writers and content creators. We also discuss Lisa-Jo Baker's new book "Never Unfriended" and talk about friendships for women and men alike-- all four of us found things that challenged and encouraged us in this one!

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Shawn: “The Big Short” (our review on Crosswalk here) and “The Founder” (our review here)
Kelly: Think Again: Relief from the Burden of Introspection book by Jared Mellinger; The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness: The Path to True Christian Joy by Timothy Keller
Rachel: Alabaster - The Bible Beautiful  (available to order here)
Steve: “The Problem with Purity Rings” article by Stephen Altrogge

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