In Touch - July 1, 2008

July 1, 2008 – God’s Blessings Upon America Psalms 33:12

            God has certainly blessed the United States. He’s extended His hand of provision across this great nation. Yet, how often do we fail to thank Him?

            As most Americans prepare to celebrate our independence next week, it’s fitting to take a moment and offer thanks to God. He’s provided so abundantly for us. Think about how God has blessed us in the following areas:

            First, our godly heritage. History shows that many of the men who signed our Constitution were Christians. This country was founded on biblical principles and a Christ-centered interpretation of justice, fairness, and equal opportunity.

            Second, He’s blessed us with natural resources. Just think about the blessings God’s placed at our feet: ore, minerals, oil, forests, lakes, pastures, farmlands, and more. He’s provided what we need for ourselves and enough to care for other countries around the world.

            Third, we should appreciate our economy. The free enterprise we enjoy in America is a remarkable blessing. We excel in innovations because we’re at liberty to follow our passions.

            Finally, God has placed us in a free country. You should thank God for the election process and the freedom to personally impact the direction of this nation. It’s an amazing blessing that’s completely foreign in many parts of the world.

            This weekend, slow down a bit and look around. Try to intentionally notice the Lord’s blessings in your life. What do you need to thank Him for?



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