Parenting by Design - June 2

Confession and repentance

Genesis 9:20-22:  "Noah…became drunk and lay uncovered in his tent.  Ham, the father of Canaan, saw his father's nakedness and told his two brothers outside" (NIV Bible.)

During the flood, Noah demonstrated obedience to God under incredibly difficult circumstances.  His obedience waned, though, when the earth dried.  In this particular case, Noah made wine, got drunk and passed out.  His son, Ham, discovered Noah in this dishonorable position and mocked him in front of his brothers.  When Noah woke up, he cursed Ham.  It's interesting to note that, while Ham was wrong and deserved consequences, Noah wasn't exactly accountable for his poor example.

As parents, we need to humbly admit sin even when it is commingled with the sin of our children.  If we fail to take responsibility for our mistakes and focus on the mistakes of our children instead, we provide an example of blaming and excuse-making.  Our kids may conclude that the rules do not apply to people in positions of power or authority.

Our willingness to confess and repent will provide a powerful example to our kids.