In Touch - June 14-15, 2008

The Weekend of June 14 & 15, 2008  -  In a Father’s Footsteps - John 13:14-17

Motivating our children to pursue the path of godliness isn’t always easy, but the rewards are great. It involves several things including commitment to love God with our entire heart. We should teach our children about His loving care.

The path of godliness for our children also involves sacrifice. We should give up those pleasures and habits that interfere with raising godly sons and daughters.

We also need to show our children courage. We need to admit we’re wrong and ask for forgiveness when we make mistakes. Our family, who already know our weaknesses, will see Christ’s power as we adjust our behavior.

The path of godliness also involves perseverance. We should show our children how to stay the course and not lose heart. It takes time for children to develop godly habits.

Prayer is another important aspect of godly parenting. Pray that your children will grow in understanding the Lord’s character, plans, and purposes, and His love. Faithfully practice the spiritual disciplines of prayer and Bible study.

The path of godliness for our children means we must learn to live by faith. We should trust in God and please Him. Recognize our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit.

We should return to the Lord a portion of our children’s time, talents, and treasure. And, we should speak to others about Jesus.

Give your children the gift of a godly role model. As they follow in your footsteps, you’ll experience the joy of watching them grow in holiness.



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