Parenting by Design - September 9

Walking by faith, not sight

2 Cor 5:7:  "We live by faith, not by sight" (NIV).

Paul was criticized by the Corinthians because of his appearance, clothes, job, and lack of success as a businessman.  But instead of pursuing worldly validation, he walked by faith in the unseen as he sought God's will for his life.  Paul was much more interested in the things God wanted for him rather than the things man expected from him. 

What a parenting lesson!  Many people will tell you what a "successful" child looks like based on what can be seen and measured.  We need to remember that God doesn't measure greatness by those things!  He is concerned with a life lived by faith in the unseen - and the revelation expressed in His Son.  Let's make that the goal of our parenting as well.

Raise your children in a home that values faith in the eternal, rather than faith in what the world can see.