Parenting by Design - October 26

Power through Humility

James 4:10: Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up (NIV).

Most of us get excited at the thought of raising powerful kids. We want them to be in control of their circumstances. We want them to be first in line, to take charge, and to be the one deciding who and what goes where and when. Unfortunately, the pursuit of power without humility can lead to disastrous results. Kids who seek power for its own sake can be arrogant, domineering, and disrespectful of authority.

Christians are told how to become truly powerful—by humbling themselves before the Lord. When we demonstrate the proper respect for God's authority, He allows us to be eternally influential in the lives of others. Tim Kimmel says, "True greatness does not have power as its goal, but it often gains power by default." The amount of influence your child can have as an adult will be proportionate to their ability to grasp this principle as a child.  

Teach your children humility and watch their influence grow.