Parenting by Design - December 4

Instant Gratification

Gen. 25:34: Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and some lentil stew. He ate and drank, and then got up and left. So Esau despised his birthright (NIV).

One of the best examples of the danger of instant gratification is this familiar Bible story. Esau was hungry after a long day of hunting, and he couldn't wait for dinner. He smelled Jacob's stew and he had to have it—rght away! Jacob seized the advantage and demanded Esau's birthright in exchange for that single bowl of stew. Esau couldn't control his craving long enough to resist Jacob's trap, and he fell right into it. He lost the birthright and Jacob became the father of the nation of Israel.

This is a great story to share with our kids because it illustrates the danger of grabbing satisfaction today at the expense of a much greater tomorrow. Help your kids see how instant gratification can have negative eternal consequences.