Two Minute Drill - Week of May 3

Too Much Information?

It just can't be good that every credit card swipe we make, every phone call, every movement, it seems, is on somebody's computer somewhere. We're always watchful these days for privacy loss and identity theft, running our opened mail down the shredder to keep any more info about us from leaking out. It's even a little suspicious when the grocery sends us a dollar-off coupon for our favorite brand of ketchup, realizing we're only getting this because they know what we've been buying.

What people know about us today can hurt us. What they pull up on their screens can start coming out of our bank accounts. When people all over the world can see our driveway on a Google map, you've got to figure we're not totally safe from a smart intruder.

But even in a context like this, God has no problem admitting he knows your every thought. He knows the number of hairs on your head; knows the hopes and dreams that pulsate in your heart. He's able to "write in the register of the peoples: ‘This one was born in Zion'" (Psalm 87:6)—in Charlotte, in Denver, in San Antonio. Everywhere you've been, everywhere you go, he's tracking you.

But not to hurt you. God uses his knowledge to direct your steps, to bring you growth opportunities, to meet very specific needs, to send you help when you're hurting. The more he knows, the better. The more you trust him, the safer you'll be.

Pray this prayer: Lord, I know I can't hide anything from you. But I pray you'll let me see this as a good thing. Knowing I'm constantly on your radar doesn't make me feel watched, just cared for. 

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