The Weekly Focal Point - May 17

Bible Critics

Many brash and outspoken people in our society take pleasure in criticizing, maligning and disparaging the Bible – most of them have very little knowledge of what they are attempting to disparage. When I happen to be present to hear such remarks, I am sure to ask some simple questions regarding how much of the Bible these critics have actually read, or if they can tell me why there are two “Testaments,” or any number of orienting questions which are usually quick to reveal how little familiarity these detractors actually have regarding the content of the Scriptures. It’s not that I am asserting some Gnostic ideology that only a few enlightened initiates could possibly understand the Bible, it’s just I find that most hecklers have never fairly considered the book they so vehemently belittle. I can only imagine the outcry were I to take the same approach and scornfully dismiss their favorite novel, movie or sports team with a similar lack of familiarity concerning what I am disdaining. What would they do if I were to definitively criticize their job, industry, or family without any real knowledge of what I was talking about? They certainly wouldn’t take any of it to heart. And neither should we. Occasionally we encounter thoughtful concerns regarding the Bible’s validity which warrant our consideration, but we can be sure that most of the time the critics are clueless.
-- Pastor Mike

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