Alternative View - November 10, 2017

And He said to them, “This kind cannot come out by anything but prayer.” - (Mark 9:29)

One of the main truths you need to embrace with regard to Satan is understanding that people are not your problem. Satan is your problem. And Satan is their problem, too.

We Christians are all in the same war, and we all have the same enemy. Angels and demons are spirit beings without a physical form. Sometimes demons inhabit a form that they can use for their own ends. For example, Satan slithered in the garden as a snake. Jesus sent the legion of demons to drown in the bodies of swine. Your problem isn’t the person you think it is. Your problem is that a demon is influenc- ing them toward disruption.

Until you realize that your struggle is not with people but with the “spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places”—you will never live out the victory Christ Jesus has secured for you. The next time you face a challenge or enter into a conflict with someone, go to the Lord in prayer. On your knees, fight—and win—this battle, for the victory is the Lord’s. Pray for peace, protection, and wisdom for all parties involved and then watch what the Lord will do.

Reflection: In what relationship have you been tempted to think that the other person is your problem? What would Satan want you to do in regard to this person / issue? What does the Bible say about it? How can you pray for this person?

Dear Father, I ask You for peace, protection and wisdom in my own heart as well as  in the hearts of those I am in conflict with right now, or may come into conflict with in the future. Grant us eyes to see what Satan is trying to do, and grant us the love that is necessary to treat each other with respect and honor as coheirs of the grace of God. Show us the right way to overcoming conflict and living victoriously under You.

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