Hands-On Faith - Week of August 24, 2015

Hands-on Faith for Families– week of August 24, 2015


Friends Need to Ask Forgiveness

Play: Find a partner. Do the following actions: Pat your thighs once, *clap both hands against your partner’s hands, clap your right hand to your partner’s right hand, clap your left hand to your partner’s left hand, clap both hands against your partner’s hands,* then pat your thighs once. The second time through, repeat the sequence within the asterisks five times before ending with the final pat on your thighs. When you are done, talk about which claps you did well and which ones you messed up.

Talk: We all make mistakes sometimes. One day, Jesus’ close friend Peter made a big mistake. When people were being mean to Jesus, Peter pretended that he didn't even know who Jesus was. In Luke 22:57, Peter tells a woman, “I don't know him.” Twice more he tells people that he is not one of Jesus’ friends. When Peter realized what he had done, he was sorry for his actions. Because Jesus loved Peter, He forgave him. Forgiveness is an important part of all friendships.

Pray: Thank God for His forgiveness and for sending Jesus to wash away your sins.

Lettie Kirkpatrick Burress