Is W.W.J.D. Something We Should Seek to Live By?

Jessica Thompson

"W.W.J.D.? For a long time, I wore the bracelet. I wore it proudly, I must admit. The answer or the question "What Would Jesus Do?" isn't the primary question we need to be asking. It is a valid question but it's not the primary question. The primary question we need to ask is, 'What DID Jesus Do?'

What did he do for you? He adopted you. He loves you. He forgave you. He brought you into His family. You're a coheir. What did he do for you? All of these things and as you think about the Gospel, the incarnation, the sinless life, substitutionary death, bodily ascension and ongoing reign, as you think about the gospel, you're going to start acting like Jesus. You're going to start doing what Jesus would do. Because you're so taken by Him. 

Like you know when you hang out with a friend that you love and you start picking up their mannerisms more and more? And then they do something and you do something, you're like, 'whoa, we're twins!' That.

When you hang out with Jesus more and more and you hang out in the Gospel more and more, that is what changes how you live. That's what changes you into what would Jesus do but let's look at what He did do. And then you're just going to become more and more like Him."