The Weekly Focal Point - May 18, 2017

Church Attendance

The Bible is very clear about God’s expectation regarding “church attendance” – to use our modern terminology. Christ commissioned the establishment of churches, the Holy Spirit inscribed instructions about how they operate, and God requires that our regular gathering in church not be neglected. Actually, the Hebrews passage so often quoted in this regard tells us that gathering together at church ought to happen “all the more as you see the Day drawing near” (10:25). The requirement to “be in church” should intensify as the years roll by, not diminish.

While there is much more to church than just showing up, it is important to realize that we must attend regularly. Regularly and consistently going to church is a fundamental Christian duty. I realize that in a consumer culture saying that anything about Christianity is “a duty” is foreign to most people. But if God requires it, then it is my obligation to attend, even if I don’t think they’ll miss me, or need me, or feed me the way I think they should. Obviously, you should find the best and most biblical church within a reasonable driving distance. But once you’ve found the best one available, consider it your Christian obligation to be there regularly, even after the newness or initial excitement wears off, and especially as the reasons for not going pile up.

If God requires it, you can be sure Satan will tempt you to neglect it. But don’t. Make it your resolve to be there week after week as faithful children and obedient servants of the Lord of hosts (Mal.1:6).

--Pastor Mike


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