The Weekly Focal Point - December 20, 2018


Epaphroditus is one of the many unsung heroes of the Bible. His name means “attractive”. And while we don’t know anything about his physical appearance, when we read the New Testament we quickly discover that he possessed a beautiful character. While others were abandoning the Apostle Paul in droves, Epaphroditus remained his faithful and loyal friend. When the Apostles lamented the selfishness of those who clamored for the Christian spotlight, Epaphroditus was on the short list of those who truly cared for the welfare of others.

In stark contrast to the values of our day where self-preservation, recreation and relaxation are a top priority, Epaphroditus like Paul worked himself to the point of exhaustion for the cause of Christ. Some would have expected Paul to chide Epaphroditus for overextending himself, but instead Paul praises him as an exemplary servant of Jesus Christ.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, when it comes to individuals with attractive and godly hearts like Epaphroditus, we must be sure that they are not unsung. Paul writes of him in Philippians 2:29, “honor such men!” So when you find a modern-day Epaphroditus, be sure he or she is not an obscure or unsung character in the story of your life.

-- Pastor Mike


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