The Weekly Focal Point - May 13, 2021

Pain & Suffering

Like any good parent, there are times when God brings difficulty, pain and loss to the lives of his children. The biblical reasons vary, but the hurt is always real. And when those times come it is good to remember the words of Jeremiah in Lamentations 3:32-33, “Though he brings grief, he will show compassion, so great is his unfailing love. For he does not willingly bring affliction or grief to the children of men.”

Jeremiah wants his suffering countrymen to understand that their loving Father finds no pleasure in their pain. Nor is he dispassionate or aloof. He knows the pain of human hurt and he is compassionate – even when our grief is the result of our own sin (as it was for Jeremiah’s generation). We should not doubt that in time God will bring healing and restoration. It is his nature to do so.

As his children, we should expect it and reach out for it in humility and with unwavering faith. In his wisdom he may make us wait for it – sometimes for months or in some cases for years – but it should be our resolve to patiently wait on his deliverance. Pain hurts, but when his purposes are accomplished, his unfailing love will be our relief and our joy.

-- Pastor Mike


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