Daily Guideposts - September 27, 2005


September 27



His children shall have a place of refuge. —Proverbs 14:26


I was sure life couldn’t get any more complicated, as I set out that early fall morning to face a barrage of commitments in a town three hours away.

Within minutes, I was on the Natchez Trace Parkway, a 444-mile stretch of road that runs through pristine parkland. The parkway offered the quickest route to my destination. And though the scenery on the Trace is fantastic, I was too worried to enjoy the view.

God, I’m so discouraged. I’m always letting others down. Why can’t I be better? Why am I afraid? My prayers grew more desperate. My mind was brimming with failures and fears like a pressure cooker about to explode.

Then up ahead, I noticed a flock of wild turkeys grazing by the side of the road. A mother deer and her fawn caught my eye to the left. Out the sunroof, I spied a soaring hawk. God? Are You listening? Why can’t I let go of these burdens? I’m scared about the future...

Then I recalled a moment from my childhood: my father pushing my swing skyward. He was pushing hard, but I wasn’t afraid because Daddy and I had a special word. When I’d had enough, all I had to do was say, “Calf rope.” Then he’d slow down the swing and I’d jump safely into his arms.

I looked in the rearview mirror. No cars in sight in either direction. Then I rolled down all the windows and opened the sunroof, took a deep breath of fresh cool morning air and yelled, “Calf rope, God. Calf rope!”

I laughed out loud as all my worries flew out the window and straight to Him.


Yesterday and tomorrow are Yours, Lord. I’m going to enjoy today, do as much as I can and trust the rest to You.

  —Pam Kidd


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