In Touch - December 10, 2005

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Saturday December 10, 2005

Favor in Work



A popular misunderstanding of Scripture regards work as part of our universal punishment for Adam’s original sin. In truth, God’s plan includes work of various kinds. Not only are we expected to help others and perform mission-related work; we also are to serve our employers.


Regardless of a human boss’s actions or temperament, God is always our ultimate job authority. He expects that our work, whether driving a truck, sweeping floors, or managing investments, will be carried out with excellence. Performing well is one way that we honor the Lord.


Laziness is an obvious dishonor to God. A lazy employee might arrive late, leave early, execute duties poorly, or play on company time. Far more subtle is the choice to focus exclusively on a paycheck instead of investing oneself in the company’s good performance and reputation. Far too many people do only what is required. Believers are called to go farther and enthusiastically give their best effort.


Work is not simply about receiving a wage; our performance on the job also impacts our eternal rewards. Simply stated, God shows favor to those who choose diligence over laziness. Wherever the Father places us, that is where we are to work for His eternal “payoff.” Believers who do sloppy work cannot expect the Lord to rain down blessings, though in His goodness, He will still give such people a home in heaven and some comforts on earth. But if we desire God’s favor — the best of everything He has to offer — we must offer our finest efforts in all we do.