Facts You Need to Know About Single Parents

By Andrea Butler

El Shaddai Ministries -

1. Single parents head thirty-one percent of American households. Married couples are only 25 percent of households.

2. Twenty-two million children in the United States go home to one parent; of those 83 percent are women.

3. Single parents consist of divorced, widows and never married parents (40%).

4. Most single parents are between the ages of 27 and 34.

5. One half of all single moms do not receive child support. Half of all children involved do not see their fathers on a regular basis two years after the breakup of the family.

6. Seventy percent of all single parent moms live in poverty.

7. Of those single parents who profess to be a Christian, only 5 percent attend church.

8. There are approximately 9.8 million mothers in the single
parent role.