IRS Tax Regulation in Plain English ... Really, and It's Free

Robert Frank
It's tax season, and lest you forget, tax regulations can be a bit confusing.

Hey, let's be honest, some days finding your socks can be a challenge. So imagine the joy you'll have when you begin filling out your 2000 tax return form.

This year, however, the IRS is trying to make things a bit less confusing by providing an Internet site titled "Tax Regulations in Plain English." And, believe it or not, it's not too bad. It even has a search mechanism, allowing you to locate regulations on specific topics easily.

So, if you get stuck, fire up your computer and give it a try at

OK, let's get back to those lone socks in your drawer. Where do the other ones escape to anyway? Maybe the government would like to do a study on that? On second thought, don't tell them I said that. They might take it seriously ...

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Copyright 2001 No-Debt Living. Reprinted with permission from No-Debt Living.