Devotional For Dieters 7/11

July 11

1 Corinthians 7:17
But as God hath distributed to every man, as the Lord hath called every one, so let him walk. . .

Karen got so angry. Her friend Angie had started her diet at the same time Karen began. They had shopped together, eaten to-gether, exercised together, but Angie had lost seven pounds more. It wasn't fair. What was the use of dieting when she couldn't lose weight as fast as her friend? She put forth the same effort, but got less reward. God has made each of His children differently. No two are exactly alike. We are called by God to do our best with what we are given. We may not have the same results on our diet that others have on theirs, but that's okay. God will bless us for what we do and that's what really counts.

Today's thought: God will help me lose my weight without losing my mind!