Devotional For Dieters 8/2

August 2

Matthew 11:28
'Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.'

Sunday was 'anything goes' day. Carol had decided that if she was good about sticking to her diet through the week, she would allow herself to splurge on Sunday. It made the diet so much more tolerable. Interestingly, she never really went overboard on Sunday. She ate something she really liked, but she ate a moderate amount and found herself totally satisfied. Whenever we attempt something difficult, we need to allow ourselves a respite. It is a good thing to take a break, even from a diet. It requires self-control, but it can help us keep a healthy perspective on why we diet in the first place. Once we have rested from our fast, we can return to it renewed.

Today's thought: I am tired of being heavy-ladened physically!