Devotional For Dieters 8/13

August 13

Isaiah 40:1
'Comfort ye, comfort ye my people,' saith your God.

Josh was feeling down and depressed. Nothing seemed to be working out for him. His job was a nightmare, his social life was even worse, and he was lonely. He sat alone and ate. His weight had skyrocketed. He wouldn't eat so much if he had someone to talk to. His main problem was that he just didn't have anything else to do. Often, the most comforting thing we can hope for is someone to spend time with. Company gives us pleasure and takes our mind off eating. It is up to us to find people to spend time with when that is the only reason we sit and stuff ourselves. God sends us comfort in many ways. Seek the comfort of company.

Today's thought: I'm never so tempted to cheat as when I'm alone!