10 Quotes about the Bible from Influential Christians

10 Quotes about the Bible from Influential Christians
For Christians, the Bible is much more than a simple book of faith. It’s a record of history, a collection of poetry, verses of proverbs, and a testament to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is quite literally the inspired word of God.

Scripture was designed to speak to the heart of humanity, radically changing us from the inside out. Over the years, a number of influential Christians have shared their reflections on the Bible and how we, as believers, can better approach the gospel with open hearts. If you’re searching for a way to better understand the place of scripture in your Christian walk, you may find guidance in one of these 10 profound quotes.

  • 1. Charles Spurgeon

    1. Charles Spurgeon

    “Nobody ever outgrows Scripture; the book widens and deepens with our years.”

  • 2. Philip Yancey

    2. Philip Yancey

    “What I see in the Bible, especially in the book of Psalms, which is a book of gratitude for the created world, is a recognition that all good things on Earth are God's, every good gift is from above. They are good if we recognize where they came from and if we treat them the way the Designer intended them to be treated.”

  • 3. Martin Luther

    3. Martin Luther

    “The Bible is the cradle wherein Christ is laid.”

  • 4. John Piper

    4. John Piper

    “Reading and understanding the Bible involves lots and lots of interpretation. Not just in light of the world and culture around us, but in reference to other parts of the Bible.”

  • 5. Augustine of Hippo

    5. Augustine of Hippo

    “The Holy Scriptures are our letters from home.”

  • 6. Rick Warren

    6. Rick Warren

    “It is mind-boggling to me that the Almighty power created everything I see; the Bible says that God created the entire universe just so he could create this galaxy just so he could create Earth so he could create human beings so he could create a family.”

  • 7. Elisabeth Elliot

    7. Elisabeth Elliot

    “The Word of God I think of as a straight edge, which shows up our own crookedness. We can’t really tell how crooked our thinking is until we line it up with the straight edge of Scripture.”

  • 8. Lysa TerKeurst

    8. Lysa TerKeurst

    “When the world beats you down, open up your Bible.”

  • 9. Ann Voskamp

    9. Ann Voskamp

    “He does have surprising, secret purposes. I open a Bible, and His plans, startling, lie there barefaced. It’s hard to believe it, when I read it, and I have to come back to it many times, feel long across those words, make sure they are real. His love letter forever silences any doubts: “His secret purpose framed from the very beginning [is] to bring us to our full glory” (1 Corinthians 2:7).”

  • 10. Billy Graham

    10. Billy Graham

    “I’ve read the last page of the Bible, it’s all going to turn out alright.”

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