25 Influential Christians You Should Follow on Social Media

25 Influential Christians You Should Follow on Social Media

I remember when I was a freshman in college and Facebook was a new sensation sweeping the campus; my friends and I quickly jumped ship at MySpace and friended each other on the latest peer-to-peer website craze. Fast forward to the day my mom joined the social network and I nervously wondered if this was as weird as I thought.

Today, most people have some sort of social media account--it’s how we stay in touch with old friends and family afar. But it’s not just Facebook; it’s Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, to name a few. Social media is a constant in our lives and we often spend hours perusing other’s online persona. If this is the case, shouldn’t we make it a point to have positive influences coming our way from other Christians? You bet!

Here are 20 people from various walks of life that are great Christians to follow on social media. People who can speak life, truth, encouragement, and everyday advice into your day. If you don't yet follow, I would encourage you to do so!

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  • 1. Priscilla Shirer

    1. Priscilla Shirer

    A powerhouse preacher, Priscilla communicates the Gospel with conviction and passion. It’s also the sweet glimpses into her family and life that are encouraging; it’s an approachability that makes her relatable to so many.

    Never think your circumstances are disconnected from his leading and his will. He uses seemingly meaningless activities as tools to guide you toward his plans.”

    Follow Priscilla: @PriscillaShirer

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  • 2. John Bevere

    2. John Bevere

    Co-founder of Messenger International, John has dedicated his life to sharing resources that will develop unwavering believers in the Kingdom. His regular contributions to social media are inspiring and uplifting.

    We should never adapt our theology to justify why our lives don’t look like Jesus.”

    Follow John: @JohnBevere

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  • 3. Lisa Bevere

    3. Lisa Bevere

    Lisa is also a co-founder of Messenger International and a powerhouse advocate for the ability God has to transform people’s lives. She’s especially passionate about empowering women and a great leader to follow for every girl out there.

    “Don’t miss out on something that could be great because it could also be difficult.”

    Follow Lisa: @LisaBevere 

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  • 4. Sazan Hendrix

    4. Sazan Hendrix

    Sazan is a fashion and beauty blogger with a large following of people looking for lifestyle tips but it’s her sweet spirit that draws people in. You will love her unwavering and kind faith. Plus, her husband Steve often joins her and the two of them are power couple goals!

    “God is great.”

    Follow Sazan: @SazBarzani

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  • 5. Christine Caine

    5. Christine Caine

    A voice for the voiceless, an empowerer of people, and a bold advocate for the Truth, Caine is a must follow for daily encouragement. It was something I read on her Facebook years ago that I still carry with me and use for a boost when I’m feeling a bit discouraged.

    “Sometimes when you're in a dark place you think you've been buried, but you've actually been planted.” 

    Follow Christine: @ChristineCaine

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  • 6. Sadie Robertson

    6. Sadie Robertson

    Duck Dynasty...Dancing with the Stars...Christian speaker. This young lady has already accomplished so much and is an example to many that growing into a godly woman is not only possible, but is much needed in our world. She is a voice of a new generation.

    “If you know you need to take some kind of risk, then get your relationship with God strong and go for it. You will never know what you could have or experience in life unless you try. God made you an original. That means you are really special, and He has a really special plan for your life. You may have to risk something that currently feels secure in order to go after that plan, but with God's help, you may end up in an awesome situation if you'll just take the chance.” 

    Follow Sadie @sadierob

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  • 7. John Lindell

    7. John Lindell

    Lead Pastor of James River Church, John is an expository preacher whose teaching is by far some of the best you will find today. My go-to that I listen to each week, without fail I learn so much each time I tune in. Join him for solid, Biblical teaching and a daily dose of practical application of faith.

    Prayer is the key to knowing and doing God’s will.”

    Follow John: @johnlindell 

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  • 8. Debbie Lindell

    8. Debbie Lindell

    Not only does Debbie serve alongside her husband John as Lead Pastor at James RIver Church but she also oversees one of the largest women’s ministries in America. Few people are as genuinely encouraging and joyful as this woman right here. You don’t want to miss the breath of fresh air she will speak into your life!

    Even when you cannot see the future, you can know that God is already there.

    Follow Debbie: @debbielindell

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  • 9. Robert Madu

    9. Robert Madu

    Madu is a popular teacher whose humor and ability to communicate the Gospel with relatability speaks to the young and old alike.

    “When we were stuck in our sin, Jesus personified the principles and perfection of God so we could have life found in His name.”

    Follow Robert: @robertmadu

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  • 10. Bianca Olthoff

    10. Bianca Olthoff

    Honest, bold, and incredibly funny, Bianca is a solid voice for every generation of believers. You will appreciate her honesty and keep coming back for the relevant insight she provides.

    “We are not defined by what has been done to us, but by what has been done for us on the cross of Christ.”

    Follow Bianca: @biancaolthoff

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  • 11. Chad Bruegman

    11. Chad Bruegman

    Chad is a Teaching Pastor at Red Rocks Church in Denver and what I appreciate about him is his vulnerability. He often shares nuggets of truth and encouragement, but also gives a glimpse into his life with an authenticity that is rare.

    “We serve a God who will become as undignified as He has to become to restore dignity back to His kids.”

    Follow Chad: @chadbruegman

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  • 12. Charlotte Gambill

    12. Charlotte Gambill

    One of my favorite teachers, Charlotte has a way of communicating Biblical truths with a perspective unlike any other. As a bonus, Charlotte is very active on her social media accounts and her Instagram stories are great. Definitely someone to follow for those daily boosts!

    “Faithfulness leads where pride rarely follows.”

    Follow Charlotte: @CharlGambill

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  • 13. Well Watered Women

    13. Well Watered Women

    A constant flow of encouragement for women, this ministry is a must follow for the ladies out there. You will surely be blessed!

    “Don’t put your feelings before the facts of God’s unfailing, unchanging word.”

    Follow Well Watered Women: @wellwateredco

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  • 14. Joanna Gaines

    14. Joanna Gaines

    We all know and love Jo and Chip! Although her social media features design more than anything, you get sweet glimpses into her family life and what it looks like to naturally live out a faith-filled life while pursuing your passion.

    “God taught me to study the Word and believe it, even when it hadn’t been fulfilled yet."

    Follow Joanna: @joannagaines

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  • 15. Wilfredo De Jesus

    15. Wilfredo De Jesus

    Pastor Choco, as he is often referred to, is Senior Pastor of New Life Covenant Church as well as an author and one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world (2013). It's obvious he is passionate about reaching the hurting and getting outside the four walls of the church to take the Gospel to the lost. His social media is filled with empowering words for the believer and represents a life fully devoted to God.

    "A scared world needs a fearless church."

    Follow Wilfredo: @PastorChoco 

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  • 16. Lysa Terkeurst

    16. Lysa Terkeurst

    Founder and President of Proverbs 31 Ministries (another great follow), Lysa is a constant encouragement to women. A great testament to her faith in God is the joy she has exemplified through a difficult few years of divorce, health issues, and cancer. God has restored that marriage and healed her body, and she has pointed to Him faithfully through the journey! She’s a fantastic example of faith in the storm.

    “Brokenness to redemption, where mercy and grace kiss both sides of our face.
    Brokenness where we are split open.
    Redemption where God knits us back together.
    Mercy when we don't get the punishment we do deserve. 
    Grace when we get the lavish love gifts we don't deserve. 
    So here we are.” 

    Follow Lisa: @LysaTerKeurst 

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  • 17. Candace Cameron Bure

    17. Candace Cameron Bure

    You might know her as D.J. on Full(er) House but did you know that she is a Christian who doesn't shy away from an active faith? Candace is a Christian author and speaker in addition to being an actress. Following her gives you a glimpse into a godly person living a life full on for Christ and doing it in a world where being a Christian isn’t always popular.

    Our marriage is grounded in the word of God. That's really it. God is the core of our marriage and the foundation and the blueprint for it is how we live and being open and honest and communicating but ultimately doing what pleases God and not in a selfish manner.

    Follow Candace: @candacecbure

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  • 18. Louie Giglio

    18. Louie Giglio

    Pastor of Passion City Church, Giglio has emerged as a voice to college-aged people around the world through leading the Passion Movement. A pioneer with insightful teachings, Giglio is a sound voice in today’s world.

    “Sin doesn't make us bad, sin makes us dead. The gospel doesn't make us better, the gospel makes us alive.”

    Follow Louie: @louiegiglio

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  • 19. Propel Women

    19. Propel Women

    Propel exists to celebrate every woman’s passion, purpose, and potential. With this is mind, they provide a constant flow of posts that will strengthen women, no matter what season they are in. I make them a regular part of my day!

    “God’s way is not the best way to fulfill your purpose. It’s the only way.” -Christine Caine

    Follow Propel Women: @PropelWomen

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  • 20. John Crist

    20. John Crist

    Hilarious. Relevant. Honest. Everyone needs a good laugh and Crist provides clean content to make any Christian chuckle. He is worth the follow for a little daily humor.

    [Christian Alexa. Enough said.]

    Follow John: @johnbcrist

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  • 21. Beth Moore

    21. Beth Moore

    Few people convey the powerful truth that is in the Bible like Moore. Her approach is both insightful and refreshing. You definitely want to make her a regular part of your social media intake.

    “You cannot amputate your history from your destiny, because that is redemption.” 

    Follow Beth: @BethMooreLPM

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  • 22. Craig Groeschel

    22. Craig Groeschel

    When it comes to leadership, few people provide such great content on the topic like Groeschel. He is the Lead Pastor of Life.Church and provides a fantastic podcast on leadership (that is a must have in my life as a pastor). You will certainly learn much and be strengthened by the ministry God is doing through him.

    “You are never more vulnerable than when you are full of pride. And you are never, ever stronger than when you’re broken before our God.”

    Follow Craig: @craiggroeschel

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  • 23. Mark Batterson

    23. Mark Batterson

    Lead Pastor of National Community Church in D.C., Batterson is also a profound author and faith leader. He is dedicated to sharing resources that will strengthen people and their relationship with God.

    “Some of us have no idea what we want, because we sacrifice our desires on the altar of other people’s expectations.”

    Follow Mark: @MarkBatterson

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  • 24. Samuel Rodriguez

    24. Samuel Rodriguez

    Rodriguez is President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, the world’s largest Hispanic Christian organization, Senior Pastor of New Season Christian Worship Center, and 2013 TIME nomination as 100 most influential people in the world. He is one of the most influential Christians of our time and someone you will certainly want to follow on social media for great insight and encouragement.

    “The storm does not make you; the storm exposes who you really are.”

    Follow Samuel: @nhclc

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  • 25. The Soul Scripts

    25. The Soul Scripts

    A community for women where your brokenness is welcomed, this ministry provides valuable resources to girls. The founder, Jordan Lee Dooley, often shares with a warm presence and vulnerability that is disarming and relatable.

    “The struggle may be real but the struggle is also redeemable.”

    Follow The Soul Scripts: @mrsjordandooley

    I’d also love to connect with you on social media! I strive to encourage the world-weary believer regularly with biblical truth, honest vulnerability, and real-life moments.

    “Your past will never trump God’s vision of who you are and where you are going.”

    You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Brittany Rust has a passion is to give encouragement to the world-weary believer through her writing, speaking, and podcasting. She is the author of Untouchable: Unraveling the Myth That You're Too Faithful to Fall, founder of For the Mama Heart, and hosts the Epic Fails podcast.  Brittany, her husband Ryan, and their son Roman make their home in the Rocky Mountains, pursuing outdoor adventures, great food, and memorable stories together. Learn more at www.brittanyrust.com.

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