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Always Winter But Never Christmas

  • Everett Piper President, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
  • 2012 20 Nov
Always Winter But Never Christmas

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In C.S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, there is a scene where we find the children standing fearful and confused in a land that is frozen and nearly lifeless. A lamppost stands somberly in a windless forest that is blanketed with snow and the few creatures the children do encounter are frightened and paranoid.

By way of explanation, the beavers tell the kids that Narnia is under the spell of an evil witch. Every day is as if it is "always winter but never Christmas." This is the dreadful description of life under the White Witch's rule.

Then the children hear sleigh bells. At first, they are sure this is the sound of the witch's return and they hide.

But no its not the witch. The driver of the sleigh is a giant of a man dressed all in red and white. It is Father Christmas!

"I have broken through at last," he says. "She has kept me out for a long time, but her magic is weakening. Aslan is on the move! A merry Christmas! Long live the true King!"

Today, do you shiver as you try to shelter yourself from the freezing winds of nightly news? Palestine, Israel: Always winter but never Christmas. Iraq, Iran, North Korea: Always winter but never Christmas. "Stimulus" spending and National debt: Always winter and never Christmas.

Remember there's better news! News of long ago when light shined on the hills of Bethlehem and Christmas arrived in a stable under the stars.

"Do not be afraid," cries Christmas. "Winter has begun to melt away, I have broken through at last -- long live the true King."

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