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Telling the Christmas Story

  • Ron Walters Vice President of Church Relations, Salem Communications
  • 2009 21 Dec
Telling the Christmas Story

The incarnation; it defies description. The eternal God became mortal man. The potter became clay. The Maker of all took residence in a manger of hay. Nothing could be more diametrically diverse. No wonder the angels long to look into the situation.

To those of us who've heard the story all our lives, it seems so normal. But, to those who've never heard, it must sound absurd. Such was the world Jesus was born into. They had never read the Christmas story, or seen it portrayed by children each year in church. To them, it was the simple reality that this child was different. His birth, His development, His mission were all very strange.

Everyone knows where children come from. But, on very rare occasions God has chosen to mix things up. Adam, for example, came into being without a man or a woman. Eve, on the other hand, came from man and no woman. On one occasion, God chose a couple too old to have kids to bring young Isaac into the world. But, never had a woman given birth without the aid of a man. God had saved the best for last. "A virgin shall be with child and bear a Son, and she will call His name Immanuel."

Of all people, you and I are most fortunate. We've been given the privilege to tell this Christmas story again this year. I hope you're as excited as I am!

Ron Walters

Vice President of Church Relations

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Original publication date: December 21, 2009


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