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Top 10 Christian Colleges in North Carolina

Top 10 Christian Colleges in North Carolina

You may have narrowed the location of where you want to attend college, or perhaps your child has determined they want to attend a Christian university in North Carolina. But what happens next? How can you pick and choose from the wonderful offerings from the Tar Heel State? 

Although there may be no one right answer for the best Christian college in North Carolina, take a look at the list below for some of North Carolina’s best offerings of esteemed Christian schools. Do keep in mind that not every wonderful institution could make it onto this list, and that this article is by no means comprehensive. Trust the Lord’s guidance as you choose a school, and make sure to do extensive research.

These are listed in no particular order. 

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  • NC Duke university campus

    1. Duke University

    The picturesque campus is reminiscent of Oxfordian architecture. This school is rich in history, academia, and campus life. Readers may be surprised to know that Duke has a far larger graduate student population than undergrad. Last year they had over 6,500 undergrads and 9,100 graduate students.

    Students may balk at the low acceptance rate and the high tuition, but the fact that they guarantee that most students can graduate within four years at this prestigious academic institution holds a lot of promise. The campus also has a diverse population of students (41 percent Caucasian, 21 percent Asian-American, 9 percent African American, 7 percent Hispanic, and 22 percent from other nationalities).

    Fast Facts:

    Location: Durham, NC
    Denominational Affiliation: United Methodist
    Enrollment: 15,634 (undergrad and grad)

    Tuition: $55,695 (annual)
    Room & Board: $15,178 (annual)

    For more information, visit https://duke.edu 

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    NC Montreat CollegePhoto Credit: ©College Warner Photography Inc

    2. Montreat College

    Although smaller in size compared with other institutions such as Duke, Montreat has five campuses scattered throughout North Carolina, to accommodate students in different locations. The 12:1 faculty to student ratio allows for a personalized learning experience. There are undergraduate as well as graduate programs. 

    Students can participate in a number of sports and the college boasts about its crazy campus traditions, including the King of Hearts pageant and the Downhill Derby challenge. If you want a strong tight-knit community with lots of ways to get involved on campus, check out this school.

    Fast Facts:

    Location: Montreat, NC
    Denominational Affiliation: Non-denominational
    Enrollment: 1,082 (undergrad and grad)

    Tuition: $26,920 (annual)
    Room & Board: $11,655 (annual)

    For more information, visit https://www.montreat.edu 

  • NC Campbell University campus

    3. Campbell University

    Tradition. That word seems to encapsulate this campus. From awarding new students with a medallion to welcome them to the University to ring ceremonies for juniors and seniors, this school isn’t short of celebrations.

    Only four private Universities have achieved the highest accreditation level, including Campbell University. This University, founded in the late 19th century, has a single mission: “The mission of Campbell University is to graduate students with exemplary academic and professional skills who are prepared for purposeful lives and meaningful service.”

    Fast Facts:

    Location: Buies Creek, NC
    Denominational Affiliation: Baptist
    Enrollment: 6,584 (undergrad and grad)

    Tuition: $32,500 (annual)
    Room & Board: $11,150 (annual)

    For more information, visit https://www.campbell.edu/

    Photo Credit: ©campbell.edu

    Mid-Atlantic Christian CollegePhoto Credit: ©Niche.com

    4. Mid-Atlantic Christian University

    Don’t let the small enrollment numbers deter you. This school is rich in student life and activities. The school is also rich in spiritual life. Students have the opportunity to gather twice a week for chapels and on Thursdays, students who live in the dorms can explore deep theological topics with one another.

    Even the non-athletically inclined can participate in a number of campus activities that range from lip sync battles and “sneak day.” During Sneak Day, students “sneak” off campus and have a day of fun. For a tight-knit community and friends to last a lifetime, check out MACU.

    Fast Facts:

    Location: Elizabeth City, NC
    Denominational Affiliation: Church of Christ
    Enrollment: Less than 200 (undergrad and grad)

    Tuition: $15,300 (annual)
    Room & Board: $8,600 (annual)

    For more information, visit http://www.macuniversity.edu

  • NC William Peace University

    5. William Peace University

    Ninety eight percent of graduates from the 2017 class were employed or continued their education. WPU makes it a top priority to see that students who attend this University can leave with a job in hand. The school attributes this, in part, to the fact that all students are required to get an internship of some sort whilst attending WPU. The campus also provides loads of cool opportunities for students to do outside of the university grounds such as digging at an archeological site or “creating a virtual reality tour of campus.”

    It has found itself ranked in the top 25 percent of Universities in the South, and has a future laser-focus for students. If you want to invest in a college that invests in you, check out William Peace University.

    Fast Facts:

    Location: Raleigh, NC
    Denominational Affiliation: Presbyterian
    Enrollment: 1,077 (undergrad and grad)

    Tuition: $30,500 (annual)
    Room & Board: $11,100 (annual)

    For more information, visit https://peace.edu

    Photo Credit: ©Odell Associates

    NC Saint Andrews UniversityPhoto Credit: ©collegeboard.com

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    6. St. Andrews University - North Carolina 

    This branch of the Webber International University is a relatively young institution, having started in 1961. St. Andrews partners with local churches and ministries regularly. Not only do students have a chance to dialogue with religious leaders on hot button issues, but this also gives students a way to minister to the body of the church by getting involved in a local church plant.

    Students have the ability to participate in a number of sports programs and activities, including an esteemed equestrian program. There are even equine based degrees for those who want to pursue employment such as therapeutic horsemanship. The University has some other unique majors such as Game Art & Design and Occupational Therapy Assisting

    Fast Facts:

    Location: Laurinburg, NC
    Denominational Affiliation: Presbyterian
    Enrollment: Less than 700 (undergrad and grad)

    Tuition: $26,648 (annual)
    Room & Board: $13,008 (annual)

    For more information, visit https://www.sa.edu

  • NC Grace College of Divinity

    7. Grace College of Divinity

    It’s not often you’ll find a college with a more expensive room and board than tuition, or a 9:1 faculty to student ratio. You can find their mission statement on their website, “Grace College of Divinity is a biblical higher education institution dedicated to Preparing Emerging Leaders to Change the World by advancing the Kingdom of God through sound biblical training, practical ministry and personal development.”

    If your student has expressed interest in an occupation that involves Christian ministry such as Christian counseling, Christian leadership, or Worship ministry, be sure to check out this school. They make it a mission at Grace to provide an affordable education for the brothers and sisters in Christ who plan to pursue ministerial roles.

    Fast Facts:

    Location: Fayetteville, NC
    Denominational Affiliation: Fellowship of Grace Brethren
    Enrollment: 145 undergrad and grad

    Tuition: $6,100 (annual)
    Room & Board: $14,822 (annual)

    For more information, visit https://gcd.edu

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    NC Apex School of TheologyPhoto Credit: ©LinkedIn

    8. Apex School of Theology 

    Want to pursue a degree that can train you for a job in ministry, particularly that in church leadership? But are you living nowhere near North Carolina? No problem with Apex. Apex is one of the few private institutions to have online degree offerings,

    This school is very new, as it was created in 1995, but it continues to grow. As stated on their About page, there’s a strong spirit of helpfulness at this institution. Although many schools in the triangle area near Raleigh have seminarial offerings, not many are affordable. This school seeks to make a theological education price-friendly for students.

    ASOT also has accommodations for veteran students and students with disabilities.

    Fast Facts:

    Location: Durham, NC
    Denominational Affiliation: Non-Denominational
    Enrollment: Less than 400 (undergrad and grad)

    Tuition: $5,100 (annual)
    Room & Board: $26,700 (annual, includes other fees)

    For more information, visit https://www.apex.edu 

  • NC Barton College

    9. Barton College

    Bordering the city of Wilson and its 50,000 residents, students at Barton College have the opportunity to explore the scenic campus and engage in the numerous undergraduate and graduate programs the school has to offer. Explore more than 40 majors and programs at Barton and participate in one of the 22 collegiate NCAA II teams.

    Students are also only a half-hour away from Raleigh, giving them plenty of opportunities to have fun with friends in the city.

    “Nationally recognized for its programs in education, deaf education, nursing, and social work and for its championship athletics teams, the school maintains a close-knit atmosphere and emphasizes individual attention and engaged learning,” according to the Barton College website.

    Fast Facts:

    Location: Wilson, NC
    Denominational Affiliation: Church of Christ
    Enrollment: 1,051 (undergrad and grad)

    Tuition: $30,880 (annual)
    Room & Board: $10,120 (annual)

    For more information, visit https://www.barton.edu/

    Photo Credit: ©LinkedIn

    NC Queens UniversityPhoto Credit: ©commonapp.org

    10. Queens University of Charlotte

    Want a small college experience, but don’t want to be too far away from a large city? Queens has the best of both worlds. They’re known for their “yes/and” initiative which states: “Yes/And Promise,” an initiative that will enable and ensure that every Queens student will engage in a unique combination of experiences, both in and out of the classroom, that expands the lens through which they understand and contribute to the world and that differentiates them among college graduates. Through international education, internships, community service activities, mentoring, leadership opportunities, collaborative research initiatives and other such activities that enhance learning beyond the classroom, our students.”

    Engage in this University’s numerous athletic, artistic, and 60+ clubs and organizations. For a University that prioritizes inclusion, academia, and checks all the boxes in a well-rounded institute of education, consider Queens.

    Fast Facts:

    Location: Charlotte, NC
    Denominational Affiliation: Presbyterian
    Enrollment: 1,766 (undergrad) and 770 (grad)

    Tuition: $34,684 (annual)
    Room & Board: $10,860 (annual)

    For more information, visit https://www.queens.edu/

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