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6 Reasons Easter Is the Perfect Time to Share about Jesus

  • Anne Peterson Contributing Writer
  • 2020 16 Mar
6 Reasons Easter Is the Perfect Time to Share about Jesus

Easter is my favorite holiday. Those who know Christ personally will be somber on Good Friday, but come Sunday morning, they will be full of joy. They know that Jesus died and was laid in a tomb, but they also know he rose from the dead on the 3rd day, just as Jesus said he would. (Mark 9:31)

Easter is the perfect time to share about your faith in Jesus. Here are 6 reasons why:

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  • 1. The Cross Is Universal

    1. The Cross Is Universal

    Wherever you go, people are familiar with the symbol of the cross. And while many may know about the cross, there are still many who don’t fully understand the whole story. But we can start with that universal symbol. It’s important when sharing spiritual things, to have an invitation, so I often will ask someone the following question, instead of assuming they are open:

    Are you comfortable talking about spiritual things?

    If they respond with a “yes,” then I’ll continue. In my case, I sometimes share beliefs I once held, which have changed. I will pray whenever I share about Jesus, because no one knows the heart of another person like Jesus does. It says in Psalm 139:2-3, that God knows our thoughts and is acquainted with our ways. Knowing that God knows the other person’s heart takes the pressure off of us.

    Sometimes current events give us an opportunity to share Jesus. Some people are fearful about their future. Some have questions, with no one to ask. Just pray that God will give you an opportunity. And then as it says in 1Peter 3:15, be ready with an answer to tell others about the hope you have within you.

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  • 1. The Cross Is Universal

    2. People Gather Together at Easter

    An easy question might be to simply ask if someone is getting together with family for Easter. Then you could ask easy questions like:

    Do you have an Easter egg hunt?

    Does your family have any special traditions?

    As a child, did you have an Easter basket?

    Talking about Easter traditions is a non-threatening way to bring up Easter. And people like reminiscing about their childhood. This is a perfect opportunity for me to make a confession. I used to eat the candy I liked from my sibling’s Easter baskets when they weren’t around. That made my candy last longer. Was it wrong? Yes. But it was still delicious.

    As you talk with others about their family gathering together, you could ask if they go to any Easter service. If not, maybe encourage them to join in anywhere, because it’s such a wonderful time of joy and celebration. Or remind them that Jesus is risen and He is everywhere, not just in church buildings.

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  • 1. The Cross Is Universal

    3. Easter Exemplifies God’s Mercy

    There is nothing we do to merit heaven. It tells us in Titus 3:5, we cannot earn our righteousness, God chose to show us mercy.

    When I was a child and then a teenager, I was religious and felt like that made me better than others. If I went to church and they didn’t, I gave myself points for that. If I fasted, and others didn’t, that gave me even more points.

    But one day I learned what the Bible had to say. And even though I had been trusting in my own righteousness, a Bible teacher showed me a verse in Isaiah 64:6 that said our righteousness is as filthy rags to God. I started getting very uncomfortable in that Bible study. I stopped feeling proud. I leaned in to listen to what Lois was saying. This 30-something housewife that seemed to know Jesus personally.

    Lois told us being saved from our sins was not something we could earn, but instead it was God’s gift to us, Ephesians 2:8-9. So there is no reason to boast. She also said that the forgiveness of sins only came by blood. Hebrews 9:22. But it had to be perfect blood. And the only one who was perfect was Jesus.

    The truth is, we’re just beggars who found bread and we get to let other beggars know about it. Jesus actually calls himself the bread of life (John 6:35).

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  • 1. The Cross Is Universal

    4. Easter’s Spring Setting Offers New Life Everywhere

    I love that Easter is around springtime. After a season of winter, the earth starts bringing forth new growth. Little blades of grass start growing, and the branches of trees fill with tiny buds. Spring is a wonderful say God proves His ability to renew life.

    And as we look around, we see ways to talk about the new birth someone experiences when they trust in what Jesus did on the cross. In John 3:2-7, Nicodemus was watching all the miracles that Jesus performed when he told Jesus that he must be of God. Jesus tells Nicodemus unless a person is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Nicodemus doesn’t understand. A man can’t go back into his mother’s womb, can he? Patiently, Jesus repeats, a man needs to be born again, born of water and the Spirit.

    The simplest way to explain being born again is this: when we are born of flesh, because of the fall, we are born sinners. No one ever taught us how to sin, but we sin. To be born again, being born of the spirit happens the moment we realize when Jesus died on the cross, it was for sinners—but more specifically, for us. And when we believe that, we are sealed with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13).

    I still remember the moment I was born again. I was on my way home from a Bible study where I heard about what Jesus had done on the cross. And on that ride, as the raindrops slid down the window of my friend’s car, I saw clearly why Jesus died. I realized when he was on the cross, it was because of our sins, and that my sins were included.

    No longer did I hope I was going to heaven, but from that moment on, I knew I was going because of what it said in 1 John 5:12-13. I knew that I had the Son. Because I recognized I was a sinner and because I believed when Jesus died, he shed his blood for me.

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  • 1. The Cross Is Universal

    5. Lambs Are Associated with Easter

    I remember getting together with family at Easter. Sometimes we’d have cake in the shape of a lamb. And while I didn’t understand the significance back then, I have to smile now when I see one in a store. How appropriate that the cake is one of a lamb.

    When Jesus’ cousin John the Baptist was baptizing people, he saw his cousin, Jesus coming. And in John 1:29, he calls Jesus the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

    Jesus is our lamb, and yet, later on in the Bible we are called sheep and Jesus is our shepherd. He calls himself the good shepherd. John 10:11-18. In this portion of the Bible, Jesus not only calls himself the good shepherd but he talks about laying his life down for the sheep. We are the sheep. What a beautiful picture of a caring shepherd.

    In Psalm 23, David recognizes the good shepherd as well.

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  • 1. The Cross Is Universal

    6. Easter Celebrates the Empty Tomb and a Risen Savior

    Although many people refer to the cross when they think about Jesus, the thing we really celebrate is the fact that when his disciples went to the tomb where he had been laid, he was not there.

    When my husband and I lived in Germany while he was in the army, we had an opportunity to go to Israel. One of the sights we saw was the garden tomb. And when we went inside, there was a sign. I’ll never forget the words on that sign.

    “He is not here. He has risen!”

    Oh, the joy we experienced when we had communion outside that garden tomb. And we still experience that same joy every Easter when we celebrate the fact that Jesus did die, but he’s not dead anymore. He’s alive. Just like the words in this song by Nathan Peterson:

    A Prayer for This Easter

    Father, help us to be mindful that not everyone knows the lamb of God personally. Give us your words and give us opportunities to share about Jesus. Father, you loved us so much that you gave your Son to die for us, as the Bible tells us in John 3:16. And you want us to spend eternity with you and with Jesus. So I pray that we would not keep this good news to ourselves. Lord, we love you. And we pray this in your Son’s precious and Holy name. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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