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A Thank You Letter to My Mom

  • Ryan Duncan
  • 2016 6 May
A Thank You Letter to My Mom

I’ve never been very good at celebrating Mother’s Day, which is unfortunate, since my mother’s birthday happens to fall on the same week. Every year I ask what she wants for a present, and every year (in typical mom fashion) my mother tells me not to bother because she doesn’t need anything. The results have been a few hand-made art projects, a couple coupons for “free hugs”, and the occasional collaborative gift between me and my siblings. This Mother’s Day though, I’d like to break tradition and write my mom a “Thank You” note. So Mom, if you’re reading this, I’d simply like to say thank you:

Thank you for all those times you took us to the library, and helped us checkout a mountain of books.

Thank you for making sure we ate our vegetables as kids, even that one time with those rancid Brussel sprouts.

Thank you for waking us up each school morning by teaching the dogs to jump on our beds.

Thank you for the encouraging notes you would stuffed in our school lunches.

Thank you for making sure our family was plugged into a good Church where our faith would grow strong.

Thank you for every family dinner we shared together.

Thank you for all the times you patched us up after we scraped our knees.

Thank you for only spanking us when we deserved it.

Thank you for the hand-made stockings you hang on the mantel each Christmas.

Thank you for teaching us how to weed a garden, wash dishes, and properly set a table.

Thank you for always being a good sport during family game night.

Thank you for always encouraging us to follow our dreams.

Thank you for showing up at every swim meet, even though I was probably the worst member of our team.

Thank you for that time you took us on an adventure, and we ended up going to Disney World.

Thank you also for that time we went on an adventure, and ended up getting our Hepatitis B shots. It wasn’t fun, but we still needed them.

Thank you for always celebrating our birthdays with a home cooked meal, cake, and a special plate that let us know we were special.

Thank you for meticulously planning over a dozen of wonderful family vacations.

Thank you for always liking my Facebook posts, even though it’s a little embarrassing.

But most of all, thank you for letting my sisters and I know we would always be loved. I am truly blessed to have a mother like you, and I am grateful God chose to put you in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

What about you? What special moments would you like to thank your mother for? Share your own memories in the comments below!

*Published 5/6/2016