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Why Some People Live Out Their Calling While Others Never Discover It

  • Moody Bible Institute Distance Learning Sponsored Article
  • 2015 30 Oct
Why Some People Live Out Their Calling While Others Never Discover It

We all want to know where we belong. We want to rest in the security of a calling, of that certainty in the place God has for us to work and lead. And while it seems like we all know a few people who seem to have an enviable certainty in their place in life, many of us flounder in this area, or at least harbor doubts.

“Is this where I’m supposed to be? Is this where I can be doing my best work? Will I ever find my true calling?”

Each one of us has influence. Yet , there are some common roadblocks to discovering this influence, and some traits strong leaders have in common. How can you know if you’re living out your calling? Ask yourself these questions:

Are You Centered in Scripture?

Before you start any journey, you must first know where to begin. Now more than ever, it’s important for Christians to be rooted in the word of God. It’s all too easy, in this high-octane society of ours, for the Bible to become just another chore we’ll complete when we have the time. In reality, it’s only through the daily refreshment of scripture that we find the tools to achieve our purpose. Without the Bible pointing us in the right direction, our search for a calling would be nothing more than aimless wandering.

If you’re serious about discovering your true influence, make the study of scripture a fixed part of your daily life. 

Are You Active in Your Community?

Leaders aren’t loners. It’s important for each of us to be invested in social groups where we can learn, teach, comfort, and grow. Even during times where you’re refining leadership skills by taking classes or starting new projects, it’s crucial to remain involved with family, friends, church, neighbors, or whatever your community looks like.

Influence and leadership mean nothing if you don’t have a team to lead, a family or friends to affect, and a community to influence. Settling into your true calling requires you to surround yourself with support.

Do You Know What You Love to Do?

It can be easy to identify what you are good at, what you’re comfortable doing, or what you studied for your degree. But getting your finger on the pulse of your true passion can be a lot trickier. What is the end result you crave after clocking out? What would make working late hours worth your time? What matches the most completely with the spiritual gifts God has given you?

It’s all too easy for most of us to just go with the flow. We accept the first offer, even if our heart isn’t in it. We assume we’re good at doing what everyone else has always told us we’re good at. We fail to push ourselves to dig deep for our passion and our potential. This is a huge reason why so few of us are secure in our calling.

Are You Refining Your Skills?

Did you know that even professional, big-name Hollywood stars take time every so often to attend basic acting workshops? From the famous to the obscure, learning is a never-ending process. This is especially true for those of us looking to discover our true calling.

For some, this will look like enrolling in classes, such as Moody Bible Institute's Distance Learning program, which allows you to learn more about ministry, the Bible, and many other subjects, all with the flexibility and freedom of an online format. For others, it may look like attending local workshops in your field, becoming an apprentice, leading a ministry at church, or even just reading a book. It’s never the wrong time to sharpen your skill set and grow. Too many of us become complacent in this area, which makes it no wonder no few of us truly feel content in our calling.

Do You Value Your Time?

There never seems to be enough time, does there? Time is a most precious commodity, and lost time can never be restored in this life. That’s why it’s so important to be good stewards of our time, just like we would with money, food, or any other valuable resource.

Do your hopes and dreams match up with how you’re spending your days, hours, minutes, and seconds? Do you long for a satisfying vocation, yet spend mindless hours playing internet games? Do you desire to know the heart of God, yet rarely make time for spiritual activities outside of Sunday morning church? Are you praying to know your calling, all while neglecting self-reflection or the steps to grow more educated and prepared?

It can be sobering to catalogue how you spend your time, but if you want to grow, it’s a necessary task.

Are You Ready to Expand Your Influence for Christ?

Even if we know the what, the why is equally important to identifying our place in this world. What makes you tick? What makes you excited to get up in the morning? You’ll be hard-pressed to find contentment if your motivating factor is money, fame, or material possessions. But if your heart is on fire to be a godly example of love, patience, and Christ’s good news of redemption, you’ll be one step closer to finding your calling.

Remember Bible shows us that God works through even the weakest and most foolish.Gideon was a freighted farmer who God raised up to become a Judge of Isreal (Judges 6:11). David was just a ruddy-faced shepherd boy with a sling (1 Samuel 16:12), and even Peter began his walk as a mere fisherman(Matthew 4:18). So don’t be discouraged if you’re feeling insecure about your calling. Just remember: keep your community close, identify your passion, refine your skills, use your time wisely, and utilize your talents for the good of God’s Kingdom.

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Publication date: October 30, 2015