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How Can We Teach Our Kids a Biblical View of Racial Reconciliation?

Steven Harris

Yeah, so teaching children a Christian view of racial reconciliation is a bit involved just because one, I mean it depends on what age children are, what stage of life they're in.

But I think we want to be adamant about, at a very early stage, teaching them that our Good Creator, God in His infinite wisdom, in His creativity, in His sovereignty has fashioned a people, humanity, that is diverse as a reflection of His creativity as a reflection of His wisdom. And that's something to be celebrated. I often talk about the early years of inquisitiveness of young children. I have a two year old son and very pretty early they start to notice differences about themselves, phenotypic qualities and characters, "my eyes are this way," "my skin color's this way." That's a really good moment actually to begin pointing out that, "You know who did that? God did that. And it had a purpose and it was a good purpose."

I think some of those nuggets that we can instill at an early age just help plant the seed for the layers and depths of conversations about race that you will probably have to have later on. And so, you want to frame it as a positive and good thing. Then as we get into some of the weeds about simpleness and human fallenness and particular things that have happened in America's racial past and even America's racial present, you've already created a framework whereby they are trying to grapple with these things within a world view that you've shaped all under God's sovereignty, goodness and authority and his future redemption.

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