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How Should I Respond to the Impossible Challenges That I Face?

How Should I Respond to the Impossible Challenges That I Face?

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Perspective is an amazing thing. It can make mountains into molehills and molehills into mountains. Today, we face some extraordinary giants. We face a debt that is traveling into the trillions, a global situation where global debt and global financial markets are in turmoil, the rise of dictators and the proliferation of nuclear arms. You have so much to worry about, and they seem so big.

There is a place in Scripture that we see such a nice analogy. It is when all of Israel stood with their knees knocking together afraid of an army that stood before them because they had a champion named Goliath. They were afraid. They were scared to death. And nobody would step forward. They all saw Goliath as a curse. But one little guy, named David, saw Goliath as a blessing. He saw him as an opportunity, as a chance for God to prove Himself and to prove David in front of the entire world. That which was a curse to every other solider in the Israeli army became the pathway that David became king in the eyes of the people. In one day, this young man walks out and takes out the champion of the opposing forces. And the people, in their eyes, that was his meal ticket. That was the day he was anointed king in front of all the people.

This is what faith does. It shifts the perspective. All of these things which are insurmountable—that look like death being served cold—are really an opportunity for a living God to say “Look what I can do through a few willing people. I can find the David’s, I can find the Daniel’s, and if they have the faith to look these things in the eye I’ll use them to feed my people, I’ll use them to lead my people, and I’ll use them to do exactly what I did through David and show the entire world there is a God in heaven.” 

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